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- Noun

A place for storing wool.

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  • Delmond Landry

    Delmond Landry

    Delmond Landry is an American football player from Donaldsonville, Louisiana who plays as a strong-side defensive end for the Southern Miss Golden Eagles football team.

  • Jackie Landry Jackson

    Jackie Landry Jackson (May 22, 1941 – December 23, 1997) was a member of the Chantels, the second nationally successful black female pop music group. She died of breast cancer in 1997.

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    Jason Landry (born 1972) is a photography collector and former owner of Panopticon Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a frequent contributor to the HuffPost , has blogged for The Good Men Project , and Big Red and Shiny . His stories and essays have appeared in South Shore Magazine , Spot Magazine , In The Loupe , and in Don't Take Pictures . Landry is the author of Instant Connections: Essays and Interviews on Photography .

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    Joshua Landry

    Joshua Landry (raised in Houston) is an American student and football player.

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    Keenan Landry

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    Diane Landry (1958) is a Canadian contemporary artist. Landry is known for her kinetic sculptural works and performances that utilize light, shadow, sound and movement.

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