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- Noun

A mineral consisting of sulphate of lead, occurring either massive or in long slender prisms, of a greenish white or gray color.

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  • Lanarkite


    Lanarkite is a mineral, a form of lead sulfate with formula Pb2(SO4)O. It was originally found at Leadhills in the Scottish county of Lanarkshire, hence the name. It forms white or light green, acicular monoclinic prismatic crystals, usually microscopic in size. It is an oxidation product of galena.

  • Yanaki Smirnov

    Yanaki Smirnov

    Yanaki Smirnov (Bulgarian: Янаки Смирнов; born 20 December 1992) is a Bulgarian footballer who plays as a forward for Spartak Varna.

  • Yanaki and Milton Manaki

    Yanaki and Milton Manaki

    The Manaki brothers, Yanaki and Milton, were photography and cinema pioneers of the Balkan Peninsula and the Ottoman Empire. They were the first to bring a film camera and create a motion picture in the city of Manastir, an economic and cultural center of Ottoman Rumelia. Their first film, The Weavers , was a 60-second documentary of their grandmother spinning and weaving; this is regarded as the first motion picture shot in the Balkans. The Manaki brothers used a 35 mm Urban Bioscope camera that Yanaki imported from London in 1905. Yanaki and Milton filmed documentaries about various aspects of life in the city of Manastir.

  • Manaki Brothers Film Festival

    The International Cinematographers Film Festival "Manaki Brothers" (known short as Manaki Film Festival; Macedonian: Интернационалниот фестивал на филмска камера "Браќа Манаки"; ИФФК Браќа Манаки) is an annual international Macedonian film festival organized by the Macedonian Film Professionals Association (MFPA). The festival is held in Bitola, the town where most of the activities of the Aromanian brothers Yanaki and Milton Manaki were organized. They were the filmmakers, who in 1905 filmed in Avdela the first motion pictures in the Ottoman Balkans. Each year the festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia and the President of North Macedonia. The award of the festival is Camera 300 that given to the year's best motion pictures chosen by the festival's film committee. The Manaki Film Festival has been hosted at the Center of culture, with screenings at the Big Hall, located in the center of Bitola and has been attended by celebrities such as Michael York, Charles Dance, Victoria Abril, Daryl Hannah, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Julliette Binoche, Aleksei Serebryakov, Bruno Ganz, Claudia Cardinale, Fatih Akin .

  • Panari River

    The Panari River is a river of Roraima state in northern Brazil. It is a tributary of the Cotingo River.

  • Loarki language

    Loarki (as known in Pakistan), or Gade Lohar (as known in India), is a Rajasthani language spoken by 20,000 nomadic people in rural Sindh, Pakistan, and by 1,000 in Rajasthan, India.

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    David Lazari

    David Rafael Lazari (Chinese: 大衛拉菲爾; born 30 April 1989) is a Brazilian professional footballer who currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Hong Kong Premier League club Pegasus.

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    Panarit (definite Albanian form: Panariti) is a community in the Korçë County, southeastern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Korçë.

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    Zanaki (Ikizanaki) is a Bantu language of Tanzania. It is spoken by the Zanaki people of Musoma and was the first language of Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere, son of the King Burito Nyerere (1860–1942).

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