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- Noun

The river lamprey (Ammocoetes, / Lampetra, fluviatilis).

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  • Jacob Lampert

    Jacob Lampert (1856 in London – 1921 in St. Louis, Missouri ) was a wealthy cigar manufacturer based in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Carl Lampert

    Carl Lampert

    Blessed Carl Lampert (9 January 1894 – 13 November 1944) was an Austrian Roman Catholic priest who served as the Pro-Vicar for the Diocese of Feldkirch in addition to being an outspoken critic of Nazism during World War II. This led to constant surveillance against him and his eventual arrests on several occasions. This all culminated with his final arrest in 1943 and his death from the guillotine in 1944 alongside a fellow Christian prisoner.

  • Moritz Lampert

    Moritz Horst Lampert (born 14 May 1992) is a German professional golfer who currently plays on the Challenge Tour. He played on the European Tour in 2013 and 2015 but failed to regain his card on both occasions. He won three events on the 2014 Challenge Tour, reaching a career-high of 146 in the world rankings during that year.

  • Khen Lampert

    Khen Lampert (born 1957) is an Israeli educator and a philosopher, Professor of behavioral-sciences, who teaches Philosophy, History, Cultural Studies and Education. He has extensive experience working with children in underprivileged neighborhoods in Israel, both Jewish and Arab. Lampert is an important contributor to philosophy-of-culture and education. His work draws from a wide range of theoretical traditions extending from Marx to Paulo Freire; from Buddhism to modern-Christianity; from Herbert Marcuse to Heinz Kohut. He is an advocate of radical-non-violent social-activism vigorously opposing neoliberalism (which he terms as ‘neocapitalism ’), militarism, fundamentalism, and the post-modern attacks against the Welfare state, the youth and the poor. Lampert's important work focuses on the ‘Theory of Radical Compassion’, a term he coined to describe the nature of an alternative socio-educational reality. According to Lampert, a conception of radical compassion, based on the imperative to change reality, is not only necessary, but possible, as radical compassion is rooted deep in our human nature and is not mediated by culture.

  • Laurence Lampert

    Laurence Lampert (born 1941) is a Canadian philosopher and a leading scholar in the field of Nietzsche studies. He is also well known for his interpretation of the German-American political philosopher, Leo Strauss.

  • Gerald Lampert Award

    The Gerald Lampert Memorial Award is made annually by the League of Canadian Poets to the best volume of poetry published by a first-time poet. It is presented in honour of poetry promoter Gerald Lampert. Each winner receives an honorarium of $1000.

  • Lampert

    Lampert is a surname of Western European origin, possibly from an Old Frankish name for the Lombards. It has also been used as a given name. People with the name include:

  • Barbara Lampert

    Barbara D. Lampert (born April 25, 1946) is an American perennial candidate from the state of Washington. Lampert, a former nurse's aide from Spokane, has been elected a Democratic Party precinct committee officer but has not had success achieving higher office, despite running for a variety of positions 15 times from 1996 through 2011. Lampert, who is unmarried, received a B.A. degree in economics from the University of Washington. She has said she intends to run for office until she wins, or until she reaches the age of 70 years.

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