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- Noun

A supposed salt of lampic acid.

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  • Amadou Hampâté Bâ

    Amadou Hampâté Bâ

    Amadou Hampâté Bâ (1900/1901 – 15 May 1991) was a Malian writer, historian and ethnologist. He was a influential figure in twentieth-century African literature and cultural heritage. He was a champion of Africa's oral tradition and traditional knowledge and is remembered for the saying: "whenever an old man dies, it is as though a library were burning down."

  • Leif Lampater

    Leif Lampater

    Leif Lampater (born December 22, 1982 in Waiblingen) is a German racing cyclist riding for Rad-Net Rose Team.

  • Palais de la Culture Amadou Hampaté Ba

    The Palais de la culture Amadou Hampaté Ba is the national performing arts centre for Mali, located in the capitol Bamako. Founded in 1976, the PCAHB is a public establishment, supported by the state for the preservation of traditional means of artistic expression. It is directed by the Direction Nationale des Arts et de la Culture of Mali, an arm of the Ministry of Culture, and is home to a number of Malian national institutions, including the Mali Centre of the International Theatre Institute, the National Theatre, the National Orchestra, the National Ballet Company, and the National Institute of the Arts. The current Palace of Culture was constructed in 1996. It is named for the famed Malian novelist and national hero Amadou Hampaté Ba. Its current director is Madame Haïdara Aminata Sy, named March 2008.

  • Hampâté

  • Hampate Ba

  • Hampâté Bâ

  • Amadou Hampaté Ba

  • Amadou Hampâte Bâ

  • Amadou Hampate Ba

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