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- Noun

A monster capable of assuming a woman's form, who was said to devour human beings or suck their blood; a vampire; a sorceress; a witch.

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  • Lamía

  • Lamia

    Lamia (/ˈleɪmiə/; Greek: Λάμια), in ancient Greek mythology, was a woman who became a child-eating monster after her children were destroyed by Hera, who learned of her husband Zeus' trysts with her. Hera also afflicted Lamia with sleeplessness so she would anguish constantly, but Zeus gave her the ability to remove her own eyes.

  • PAS Lamia 1964

    PAS Lamia 1964

    PAS Lamia is a football club based in Lamia, Greece. It was founded in 1964. The club plays in the Super League, the first tier of Greek football. It plays its home matches at the Lamia Municipal Stadium.

  • Lamia (Basque mythology)

    The lamia or lamina (plural: lamiak or laminak) is a siren- or nereid -like creature in Basque mythology. Lamiak, laminak or amilamiak live in the river. They are very beautiful, and stay at the shore combing their long hair with a golden comb; they easily charm men. They have duck feet.

  • Lamia (basque mythology)

  • First Battle of Lamia

    First Battle of Lamia

    The First Battle of Lamia was fought in 209 BC between the forces of Philip V of Macedon and the Aetolians led by Pyrrhias. Pyrrhias was aided by a small Roman and a force from the kingdom of Pergamon. The Macedonians were victorious. Another battle was fought at Lamia within the year.

  • Lucius Aelius Lamia (consul 3)

    Lucius Aelius Lamia (before 43 BCE – 33 CE) was the son of Lucius Aelius Lamia, a loyal partisan of Cicero who was made praetor in 43 BCE and died before completing his term. He was consul in the year 3 CE and afterwards served as governor of Germania, Pannonia and Africa. In 22 CE he was appointed imperial legate to Syria by Tiberius but was detained in Rome and never traveled to Syria in person. In the last year of his life, 33 CE, he served as praefectus urbi.

  • Lamia Tareq

    Lamia Tareq (born September 5, 1979) is a TV actress.

  • Lamia Chafei Seghaier

    Lamia Chafei Seghaier (born 4 May 1968 in Tunis) is a Tunisian engineer and politician. She was the Secretary of State to the Minister of Communication Technologies in charge of Information Technology, Internet and Free Software between 2008 and 2011.

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