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- Noun Plural

Small steel plates combined together so as to slide one upon the other and form a piece of armor.

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    The Stay Lames are a Vancouver, British Columbia punk-rock five-piece band. Formed in 2003, the group performed throughout Western Canada as well as California, Oregon and Washington. Their indy and post-punk musical style won them acclaim in the Canadian music scene, and the band garnered radio play throughout Canada.

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    Du battant des lames au sommet des montagnes (French for "From the beating of the waves to the summit of the mountains" (lit.) or "From the seashore to the mountaintops" (fig.)) is a French expression that formerly served to define the geographic concessions accorded by the French East India Company to the colonists of the island of Réunion when it was still called île Bourbon. Since then, the expression has become a common phrase, indeed a "fixed formula". In its strictest meaning, it acts grammatically as an answer to the question "how?" and explains the way in which the land was cut into straight bands that stretch from the shore to the highest points without ever stretching horizontally. On the other hand, considered in its broader meaning, the expression substitutes for an adverb of place, being a synonym for "everywhere".

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