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- Verb

Grief or sorrow expressed in complaints or cries; lamentation; a wailing; a moaning; a weeping.

- Verb i.

To express or feel sorrow; to weep or wail; to mourn.

- Verb

An elegy or mournful ballad, or the like.

- Verb

To mourn for; to bemoan; to bewail.

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  • Lament

    A lament or lamentation is a passionate expression of grief, often in music, poetry, or song form. The grief is most often born of regret, or mourning. Laments can also be expressed in a verbal manner, where the participant would lament about something they regret or someone they've lost, usually accompanied by wailing, moaning and/or crying. Laments constitute some of the oldest forms of writing and examples are present across human cultures.

  • Adam's Lament (Part)

  • Lament for the Makaris

    "I that in Heill wes and Gladnes", also known as "The Lament for the Makaris", is a poem in the form of a danse macabre by the Scottish poet William Dunbar. Every fourth line remorselessly repeats the Latin refrain timor mortis conturbat me (fear of death troubles me), a litanic phrase from the Office of the Dead.

  • Lament of the Holy Cross

    Lament of the Holy Cross (Polish: Lament świętokrzyski) is a medieval Polish planctus, written by unknown author probably in late 15th century. It now is regarded as one of lyrical masterpieces of the era. Literary historians emphasize the fact that the Lament presents Mary almost as a human being, with feelings and emotions. Most likely, the text used to be part of the Good Friday mysterium.

  • The Lament of Swordy Well

    The Lament of Swordy Well is a poem written by John Clare in the 1830s.

  • Foreskin's Lament: A Memoir

    Foreskin's Lament: A Memoir

    Foreskin's Lament: A Memoir is a book by Shalom Auslander. The book chronicles his upbringing as an Orthodox Jew and his efforts to break free from it. Portions of the book have been featured in various media, including the PRI program This American Life .

  • Gambler's Lament

    The Gambler's lament (or "Gamester's lament") is one of the hymns of the Rigveda which do not have any direct cultic or religious context. It is found in the late Tenth Book (RV 10.34), where most of such hymns on "miscellaneous" topics are found, suggesting a date of compilation corresponding to the early Indian Iron Age.

  • Lament (Ultravox album)

    Lament (Ultravox album)

    Lament is the seventh studio album by British new wave band Ultravox, released on 6 April 1984 by Chrysalis Records. It was the last album featuring original drummer Warren Cann until the band's reunion album Brilliant in 2012. The album peaked at number eight on the UK Albums Chart and was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) on 8 June 1984 for shipments of 100,000 copies. It also reached number 25 in Germany and number 115 in the United States.

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