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- Noun

The state of being a laird; an estate; landed property.

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  • Landship

    A landship is a large vehicle that travels on land, as opposed to on water, air, or in space. Because of their large size, their use on land is seen as impractical due to terrain obstacles, and soft ground that cannot support such large weight. Such problems are non-existent on water and in space. However, vehicles similar to the concept of landships have appeared in various forms in the real world, and more commonly in works of fiction.

  • Lordship (disambiguation)

    Lordship is a form of authority.

  • Lairdsville, Pennsylvania

    Lairdsville, Pennsylvania

    Lairdsville, Pennsylvania is an unincorporated community in Franklin Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

  • Lardeh, Siahkal

    Lardeh (Persian: لرده‎) is a village in Pir Kuh Rural District, Deylaman District, Siahkal County, Gilan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 129, in 35 families.

  • Provand's Lordship

    Provand's Lordship

    The Provand's Lordship of Glasgow, Scotland, is a medieval historic house museum located at the top of Castle Street within sight of the Glasgow Cathedral and Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and next to the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art.

  • Lordship of Sidon

    The Lordship of Sidon (Later County of Sidon) was one of the four major fiefdoms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, one of the Crusader States. However, in reality, it appears to have been much smaller than the others and had the same level of significance as several neighbors, such as Toron and Beirut, which were sub-vassals.

  • Lordship of Batiscan

    The Lordship of Batiscan was located on, and included 1/2 lieue of frontage along, the north shore of the St. Lawrence River (between the mouth of the Batisan and Champlain Rivers, in the current administrative area the Mauricie ) in the province of Quebec, Canada. It was 20 lieues deep. Granted in 1639 to the Jesuits, colonization of the manor began in 1666, after an initial allotments were added to the census in 1665.) The northern boundary of the Lordship was past the source of the Saint-Maurice River. It was the deepest in the seigneurial system of New France. The Lordship of Batiscan became the most populous governed area of the Three Rivers by the end of the 17th Century.

  • His Lordship (1936 film)

    His Lordship (1936 film)

    His Lordship is a 1936 British drama film directed by Herbert Mason and starring George Arliss, Romilly Lunge and Rene Ray. Its plot involves Arliss as a British Foreign secretary swapping identities with his black sheep twin brother (also Arliss), and the rescuing of Britain from war with an Arab nation. It was released with the alternative title Man of Affairs in the United States.

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