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- Noun

The state of being a laird; an estate; landed property.

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  • Laird

    ] [surname] of [lairdship], and are traditionally entitled to place The Much Honoured before their name.

  • Barbados Landship

    The Barbados Landship is a cultural movement and organisation, known for its entertaining parades

  • Landship


  • USS Recruit (1917)

    USS Recruit, also known as the Landship Recruit, was a wooden mockup of a dreadnought battleship

  • Landship Committee

    The Landship Committee, also known as the Director of Naval Construction's Committee, was a small

  • Frot-Laffly armoured roller

    The Frot-Laffly armoured roller, also Frot-Turmel-Laffly armoured roller (French: Char Frot-Turmel-Laffly, also Rouleau cuirassé Paul Frot), was an early French experimental armoured fighting vehicle designed and built from December 1914 to March 1915.

  • Maid (title)

    is entitled to place the title at the end of her name along with the lairdship therefore becoming

  • Tanks in France

    designs, such as the Frot-Laffly landship, Boirault machine and Souain experiment. Another 400 Saint

  • Eustace Tennyson d'Eyncourt

    . He was also chairman of the Landship Committee at the Admiralty, which was responsible for the design

  • Little Willie

    in the autumn of 1915 at the behest of the Landship Committee, it was the first completed tank prototype

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