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- Noun

A lake in a coral island, often occupying a large portion of its area, and usually communicating with the sea. See Atoll.

- Noun

A shallow sound, channel, pond, or lake, especially one into which the sea flows; as, the lagoons of Venice.

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  • Lagoon


    A lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by barrier islands or reefs. Lagoons are commonly divided into coastal lagoons and atoll lagoons. They have also been identified as occurring on mixed-sand and gravel coastlines. There is an overlap between bodies of water classified as coastal lagoons and bodies of water classified as estuaries. Lagoons are common coastal features around many parts of the world.

  • Seven Seas Lagoon

    Seven Seas Lagoon

    The Seven Seas Lagoon is a man-made lake at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando. Located south of the Magic Kingdom theme park, the Seven Seas Lagoon serves as a natural buffer between the Magic Kingdom and its parking lot and connects with the adjacent Bay Lake. The lake reaches a depth of 14 feet. The lagoon is used mainly for recreational boating, as well as by the resort's three Disney Transport ferryboats that transport guests between the Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center.

  • Youth Lagoon

    Youth Lagoon

    Powers tried to document the trailsof his mind through songs of minimalism and hypnotic ambiance. Powers later described his writing process as "my mind communicating with me, not the additional way can take me to scary places but I've realised those bizarre thoughts I have don't define me." After signing with Mississippi-based label Fat Possum Records in 2011, he toued much of the following year before going back into solitude to write.

  • Lau Lagoon

    Lau Lagoon

    Lau Lagoon is a part of Solomon Islands. It is located on the northeast coast of Malaita Island. The lagoon is more than 35 kilometers long and contains about 60 artificial islands built on the reef.

  • Chignik Lagoon Airport

    Chignik Lagoon Airport (IATA: KCL, FAA LID: KCL) is a state-owned, public-use airport serving Chignik Lagoon, in the Lake and Peninsula Borough of the U.S. state of Alaska. It is also known as Chignik Flats Airport. Scheduled airline service to King Salmon Airport is provided by Peninsula Airways (PenAir).

  • Youth Lagoon

    Trevor Powers (born March 18, 1989, in San Diego, California) is an American musician from Boise, Idaho. Powers was active as Youth Lagoon from 2010 up until he formally retired the project in 2016. Powers announced his return with his new self-titled project in May of 2018. Powers' music has been described as electronic and experimental with elements of pop.

  • Facultative lagoon

    Facultative lagoon

    Facultative lagoons are a type of waste stabilization pond used for biological treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater. Sewage or organic waste from food or fiber processing may be catabolized in a system of constructed ponds where adequate space is available to provide an average waste retention time exceeding a month. A series of ponds prevents mixing of untreated waste with treated wastewater and allows better control of waste residence time for uniform treatment efficiency.

  • Radio Happy Lagoon

    Radio Happy Lagoon (or Radio Hapi Lagun in Pijin) is a provincial radio station broadcast by the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation in the Western Province. It operates from the provincial capital, Gizo, on 945 kHz in the Medium Wave Band.

  • Shahany Lagoon

    Shahany Lagoon

    Shahany Lagoon (Ukrainian: Шагани, Romanian: Şagani, Turkish: Çagani Gölü) is a salty lagoon on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine in Tatarbunary Raion of Odessa Oblast. The lagoon is in the complex of Tuzly Lagoons, connected with the Alibey Lagoon. The area of the water body is 70 km², salinity is about 30‰. The lagoon is separated from the Black Sea by a sandbar.

  • Boyd Lagoon

    Boyd Lagoon is a lagoon in the Gibson Desert of Western Australia, to the northwest of Tjirrkarli Community and to the southwest of Lake Breaden. It covers an area of roughly 870 hectares (2,100 acres).

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