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- Noun

The clothing (esp., an outer, wooden covering), as of a steam cylinder, applied to prevent the radiation of heat; a covering of lags; -- called also deading and cleading.

- Noun

Lags, collectively; narrow planks extending from one rib to another in the centering of arches.

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  • Lagging

    Lagging may refer to:

  • Wood lagging

    Wood lagging is a method of banding wooden slats around pipelines to protect against impact, abrasion, and corrosion. Wooden lagging acts as a sheath, protecting the pipeline from damage, and is especially useful in rocky terrain; steep inclines; around rivers or swampy areas; and other rough terrain. Boiler lagging is akin to pipe lagging, but is used to protect steam boilers.

  • Leading and lagging current

    Leading and lagging current are phenomena that occur as a result of alternating current. In a circuit with alternating current, the value of voltage and current vary sinusoidally. In this type of circuit, the terms lead, lag, and in phase are used to describe current with reference to voltage. Current is in phase with voltage when there is no phase shift between the sinusoids describing their time varying behavior. This generally occurs when the load drawing the current is resistive.

  • Lagging (epidemiology)

    In epidemiology, lagging (or exposure lagging) means excluding the exposure in a time period before registration of an outcome. It may be motivated by that the actual outcome had actually occurred before the registration of it, and that the last exposure before registration did not contribute to the case.

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