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- Noun

A sweetheart or mistress.

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    Layla Anna-Lee

    Layla Anna-Lee (born 22 March 1983) is an English television presenter, specialising in sports.

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    Layla Alizada (born August 10, 1977) is an Afghan-Canadian actress from Kabul, Afghanistan. She is best known for appearing in guest roles in some well-known American television shows, including The Muppets and Jane the Virgin, as well as recurring roles in Days of Our Lives and Shut Eye .

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    Al-Zeir Abu layla almuhalhil Adi ibn Rabia' (Arabic,الزير أبو ليلى المهلهل عدي بن ربيعة), whose real name was Adi bin Rabi'a (also known as Abu Laila Al-Muhalhil), (aka Azzir Salim) was a poet and warrior in The Arabian Peninsula. He died in 531 AD. He is the hero and main character of the famous 6th century Epic of Adi, revolving around the murder of his Brother Kulaib Bin rabia.

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    Layla bint Abi Murrah bin ‘Urwah bin Mas‘ud al-Thaqafi (or Umm Layla) (Arabic: ليلى بنت أبي مرة بن عروة بن مسعود الثقفي‎) was a wife of Hussein ibn Ali and the mother of Ali al-Akbar, and Fatema Sughra. Her grandfather Urwah ibn Mas'ud was considered by Muhammad as one of the four chiefs of Islam.

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