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- Noun

A little lady; -- applied by the writers of Queen Elizabeth's time, in the abbreviated form Lakin, to the Virgin Mary.

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  • Ladykin (horse)

    Ladykin is a racing horse owned by Mrs. Helen Steel. She was bred by Jennifer Cullen & Evelyn Cullen and sired by Holy Roman Emperor with Engraving as the dam.

  • Kirill Ladygin

    Kirill Ladygin

    Kirill Sergeyevich Ladygin (born 17 December 1978 in Ekaterinburg) is a Russian auto racing driver. He is twice champion of the Russian LADA Revolution Cup in 2004 and 2006. In 2008 he competed in the FIA World Touring Car Championship when the Russian Bears Motorsport Team entered a third car, alongside Jaap van Lagen and Viktor Shapovalov. He drove in the final eight rounds of the season in a Lada 110, with a best placed race finish of nineteenth.

  • Lamykin Dome

    Lamykin Dome (67°27′S 46°40′E ) is a domed feature rising to 525 metres (1,720 ft) which forms the ice-covered summit of Tange Promontory, on the coast of Enderby Land, Antarctica. The feature was plotted on charts by the Soviet Antarctic Expedition (1957) and named for Soviet hydrographer S.M. Lamykin.

  • Ladygin

    Ladygin (Russian: Ладыгин) is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Ladygina. It may refer to

  • Vadim Ladygin

    Vadim Sergeyevich Ladygin (Russian: Вадим Серге́евич Ладыгин; born January 15, 1984) is a Russian professional football player. In 2010, he played in the Russian Second Division for FC Energiya Volzhsky.

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    Sergey Dadykin

    Sergey Dadykin (born July 2nd, 1983) is a Ukrainian basketball player who plays as a forward.He was previously in the Grodno-93 lineup.

  • Ladygin, Kirill

  • Ladyfinger Peak

    Ladyfinger Peak

    The Bublimotin, Bubli Motin, Bublimating or Ladyfinger Peak (Urdu: لیڈی فنگر‎), is a distinctive rock spire in the Batura Muztagh, the westernmost subrange of the Karakoram range in Pakistan. It lies on the southwest ridge of the Ultar Sar massif, the most southeasterly of the major groups of the Batura Muztagh. The whole massif rises precipitously above the Hunza Valley to the southeast. Bublimotin, while having little prominence above the saddle with nearby Hunza Peak, is particularly notable for being a sharp, relatively snowless rock spire among snow peaks. This, combined with its height above the valley, makes it quite eye-catching; hence the distinctive name. It provides a 6,000 metres (20,000 ft) rock climb (with a very serious alpine approach) and has been the scene of some notable paragliding.

  • Yahudi Ki Ladki

    Yahudi Ki Ladki (The Jew's Daughter) is a historical Urdu play by Agha Hashar Kashmiri, on the theme of persecution of Jews by the Romans. It was first published in 1913. The play became his best known work, and a classic in Parsi -Urdu theatre.

  • Marina Ladynina

    Marina Ladynina

    Marina Alekseyevna Ladynina (Russian: Мари́на Алексе́евна Лады́нина, June 24 [o.s. 11], 1908 in Skotinino, Smolensk, Russian Empire – March 10, 2003 in Moscow, Russian Federation ) was a popular Soviet film and theatre actress, best remembered for her leading roles in Tractor Drivers (1939), The Swine Girl and the Shepherd (1941), Six O'Clock after the War is Over (1944), Ballad of Siberia (1947) and Cossacks of the Kuban (1949), all directed by her husband Ivan Pyryev. In 1950 Ladynina was honoured with the People's Artist of the USSR title. She was a five-times Stalin Prize laureate.

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