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- Noun

A large, handsome oceanic fish (Albula vulpes), found both in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; -- called also bonefish, grubber, French mullet, and macabe.

- Noun

A labroid fish (Harpe rufa) of Florida and the West Indies.

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    Pacific ladyfish

    The Pacific ladyfish (Elops affinis), also known as the Pacific tenpounder and Machete, is a species of fish in the genus Elops, the only genus in the monotypic family Elopidae. The Pacific ladyfish can be found throughout the southwest U.S. and other areas in the Pacific Ocean.

  • West African ladyfish

    West African ladyfish

    The West African ladyfish (Elops lacerate) is a species of fish in the Elopidae family. It is native to the coastal waters of the eastern Atlantic Ocean, from Senegal to Angola. It is also known as the Guinean ladyfish. Some have been known to grow to 20 lb.

  • Senegalese ladyfish

    The Senegalese ladyfish (Elops senegalensis) is a species of fish in the Elopidae family, and is native to the coastal waters of the eastern Atlantic Ocean from Mauritania to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is often confused with the West African ladyfish, Elops lacerta, and can be distinguished only by the number of gill rakers on the lower part of the first gill arc, and the number of scales on the lateral line.

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