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- Noun

A gallant who captivates the hearts of women.

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  • Contract killing

    ) to kill a target individual or group of people. It involves an illegal agreement between two

  • The Lady Killer (album)

    The Lady Killer is the third studio album by American singer CeeLo Green. It was released November

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    "Lady Killer" is the fifth single from Canadian/Jamaican singer Kreesha Turner's debut studio album

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    The Strangers is the title of a comic book series created and written by Steve Englehart. It was originally drawn by Rick Hoberg, for Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse imprint which wre soon bought up by Marvel Comics during the 90's. The Strangers consisted of a group of random passengers on a cable car who were struck by what they believed to be a bolt of lightning, but was actually a "jumpstart": one of the bursts of energy emitted by the Entity from the Moon, which transformed them into "Ultras".

  • John Smith (murderer)

    John David Smith III (born 1951) is an American murderer convicted of killing his first wife and also believed to have murdered his second. Skull fragments found in a locker owned by him belong to a third, unidentified, woman, and a photograph found in his possession of an unidentified woman is the basis of an ongoing "Jane Doe" inquiry.

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    Warner and Katie Johnson as the old lady; Mrs. Wilberforce. William Rose wrote the screenplay

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    Lady Killer (Serbo-Croatian: Дама која убија/Dama koja ubija) is a 1992 Yugoslavian film.

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    Lady Killer (French: Gueule d'amour) is a 1937 French drama film directed by Jean Grémillon

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