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- Noun

A quantity sufficient to fill a ladle.

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    Carl Dean Radle (June 18, 1942 – May 30, 1980) was an American bassist who toured and recorded with many of the most influential recording artists of the late 1960s and 1970s. He was posthumously inducted to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

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    Laleh Lonteen is an American soccer player from Prosper, Texas who plays as a defender for the FC Dallas soccer team.

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  • Iliko Lalev

    Iliko Lalev (Serbian Cyrillic: Илико Лалев, fl. 1658) was the vojvoda (chieftain) of Kuči. Iliko was the second of four sons of Lale Drekalov and a daughter or sister of a Bratonožići vojvoda, Pejo Stanojev. He had an older brother Vujoš, and younger brothers Čejo and Mijo. Iliko was mentioned in 1658. Kuči had been united under one vojvoda sometime in the 17th century. His brother Vujoš first inherited the title of Voivode, but unsatisfied with his descendants insubordinance, he passed it to Iliko. As Iliko accepted the title of vojvoda over the Kuči, he assembled an army, composed of Kuči, Bratonožići, Piperi and Klimenti, and attacked Kolašin. In 1658, the seven tribes of Kuči, Vasojevići, Bratonožići, Piperi, Klimenti, Hoti and Gruda allied themselves with the Republic of Venice, establishing the so-called "Seven-fold barjak" or "alaj-barjak", against the Ottomans. Iliko had three sons: Ivan, Petar and Mirčeta. All three brothers held the title of Voivode respectively. Ivan first succeeded Iliko, with his brother Petar succeeding him after his death, ending with Mirčeta who gained the title after Petar died fighting the Turks. Ivan's descendants formed the brotherhood of Ivanovići, Petar's formed the brotherhood of Petrovići and Mirčeta's, who was a priest (Serbian Latin: pop), formed the brotherhood of Popovići. After Mirčeta's death the title of Voivode was inherited by his nephew, Petar's son Radonja.

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    Lagle Parek (born 17 April 1941 in Pärnu) is an Estonian politician. She served as the Minister of the Interior in the first post-Soviet occupation government, led by the prime minister Mart Laar.

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