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- Noun

One of the half-breed descendants of whites and Indians; a mestizo; -- so called throughout Central America. They are usually of a yellowish orange tinge.

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  • Ladino

    Ladino may refer to:

  • Ladino people

    The Ladino people are a mix of mestizo or hispanicized peoples in Latin America, principally in Central America, as well as the Philippines. The demonym Ladino is a Spanish word that derives from Latino . Ladino is an exonym invented of the colonial era to refer to those Spanish-speakers who were not colonial elites of Peninsulares, Criollos, or indigenous peoples.

  • Gregorio Ladino

    Gregorio Ladino Vega (born January 18, 1973 in San Mateo, Boyacá) is a Colombian former professional road cyclist. Since 2011, he holds a Mexican citizenship.

  • Santiago Ladino

    Santiago Andrés Ladino (born 21 October 1980 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine football player.

  • Ladino (disambiguation)

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