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- Noun

A Romansch dialect spoken in some parts of Switzerland and the Tyrol.

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  • Ladin

    Ladin may refer to:

  • Yeslam bin Ladin

    Yeslam bin Muhammad bin 'Awad bin Ladin (Arabic: يسلم بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن‎; born October 19, 1950) better known as Yeslam bin Laden, also written Yeslam Binladin, as he prefers to spell it, is a Swiss businessman and the half-brother of the deceased al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.

  • Ladin Dolomitan

    Ladin Dolomitan

    Ladin Dolomitan or standard Ladin is the standard written constructed language (Dachsprache ) based on the similarities of the five main dialect -groups of Ladin. It is the desired outcome of the project called SPELL (Servisc per la Planificazion y Elaborazion dl Lingaz Ladin – "service for the planning and preparation of the Ladin language") under the initiative of The Union Generala di Ladins dles Dolomites (project owner) and the Ladin cultural institutes Micurà de Rü and Majon di Fascegn and Istitut Pedagogich Ladin to create a unified standard written language.

  • Istituto Ladin de la Dolomites

    Bellunese Institution to study and preserve the Ladin culture in 35 municipalities of Agordino, Cadore, Comelico and Zoldo.

  • Hamza bin Ladin

  • Ladin (disambiguation)

  • Bin Ladin (disambiguation)

  • Yeslam bin Muhammad bin 'Awad bin Ladin

  • Wafah Dufour (bin Ladin)

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