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- Noun

A lad; a male sweetheart.

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  • Laddie

    Laddie is the word for boy in Scottish English.

  • Laddie Cliff

    Laddie Cliff

    Laddie Cliff (1891–1937) was a British writer, choreographer, dancer, actor, producer and director of comedy and musical theatre and film. He was noted for his versatility. His many London West End theatre appearances and films included a long association with fellow thespian Stanley Lupino. He was married to the actress Phyllis Monkman. He died in 1937 after a period of ill health.

  • Laddie Renfroe

    Cohen Williams "Laddie" Renfroe is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. He pitched in four games with the Chicago Cubs in 1991. Renfroe pitched with a sidearm delivery and appeared primarily as a relief pitcher and closer throughout his nine-year professional career.

  • Highland Laddie

    "Highland Laddie", also known as "Hielan' Laddie", is the name of a Scottish popular folk tune "If Thou'lt Play Me Fair Play", but as with many old melodies various sets of words can be sung to it, of which Robert Burns's poem "Highland Laddie" is probably the best known. "If Thou'lt Play Me Fair Play" has been reworked several times since Burns set down his words, Donkey Riding being one variant.

  • Laddie (1935 film)

    Laddie (1935 film)

    Laddie is a 1935 American comedy-drama film directed by George Stevens from a screenplay by Ray Harris and Dorothy Yost, based on the 1913 novel, Laddie: A True Blue Story, by Gene Stratton-Porter. The film stars John Beal, Gloria Stuart, and Virginia Weidler.

  • Laddie Lucas

    Laddie Lucas

    Percy Belgrave Lucas, CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC (2 September 1915 – 20 March 1998), commonly known as Laddie Lucas, was a Royal Air Force officer, left-handed golfer, author and Member of Parliament (MP).

  • Laddie Symone

    Laddie Symone

    Laddie Symone (born April 24, 1992) is a YouTube star.

  • The Rantin Laddie

    The (Bonnie) Rantin' Laddie or Lord Aboyne (Child # 240, Roud # 103) is a traditional Scottish folk ballad telling of the valiant rescue of his lover by a noble Highland lord.

  • Laddie Gale

    Laddie Gale

    Lauren "Laddie" Gale (April 22, 1917—July 29, 1996) was an American collegiate and professional basketball player.

  • Laddie Outschoorn

    Laddie Outschoorn

    Ladislaus Frederick Outschoorn (26 September 1918 – 9 January 1994), usually known as Laddie Outschoorn, was a first-class cricketer, a right-handed batsman and occasional right-arm medium-pace bowler who played for Worcestershire in the years after the Second World War.

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