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- Noun

A white, crystalline substance, obtained from also, by extension, any similar substance.

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  • Lactide


    Lactide is the lactone cyclic di-ester derived from lactic acid (2-hydroxypropionic acid). With the formula (OCHCO2)2, it exists in three different stereoisomeric forms. All are colorless or white solids. Lactide has attracted great interest because it is derived from abundant renewable resources and is the precursor to a polymer similar to polystyrene, but biodegradable.

  • O-aminophenylglyoxalic lactime

  • Hypatima lactifera

    Hypatima lactifera is a moth in the family Gelechiidae. It was described by Meyrick in 1913. It is found in India (Assam ).

  • Aechmea lactifera

    Aechmea lactifera is a species in the genus Aechmea . This species is endemic to eastern Brazil.

  • Tactile graphic

    Tactile graphics, including tactile pictures, tactile diagrams, tactile maps, and tactile graphs, are images that use raised surfaces so that a visually impaired person can feel them. They are used to convey non-textual information such as maps, paintings, graphs and diagrams.

  • Jocara lactiferalis

    Jocara lactiferalis is a species of snout moth in the genus Jocara . It is found in South America.

  • Tactile voting device

    A tactile voting device is a device to enable a visually impaired person to mark a ballot paper in secret.

  • Recilia lactipennis

    Recilia lactipennis is a species of bug from the Cicadellidae family that can be found in Liberia.

  • C tactile afferent

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