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- Verb

To cover with lacquer.

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  • Lacquer


    The term lacquer is used for a number of hard and potentially shiny finishes applied to materials such as wood. These fall into a number of very different groups.

  • Lacquer painting

    Lacquer painting is a form of painting with lacquer which was practised in China and Japan for decoration on lacquerware, and found its way to Europe both via Persia and by direct contact with Asia. The genre was revived and developed as a distinct genre of fine art painting by Vietnamese artists in the 1930s; the genre is known in Vietnamese as "sơn mài."

  • Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeon

    Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeon

    The Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl (German: Aachener Lackschildmövchen) is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding. Aachen Lacquer Shield Owls along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons are all descendants of the rock dove (Columba livia).

  • Lacquer thinner

    Lacquer thinner, also known as cellulose thinner, is usually a mixture of solvents able to dissolve a number of different resins or plastics used in modern lacquer.

  • Lacquer Head

    Lacquer Head

    "Lacquer Head" is the first single from Primus' 1999 album, Antipop . The song features three verses that tell the tale of three different children, and the harm that comes to them from their huffing of inhalants. MTV banned the single's video for its drug references and purportedly 'violent content', despite the negative portrayal of the use of inhalants. This song was produced by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. While producing the track, Durst encouraged the band to return to the more aggressive sound of their earlier albums for Antipop.

  • Lacquer dermatitis

    Lacquer dermatitis (also known as "Lacquer sensitivity") is a cutaneous condition characterized by a contact dermatitis to various lacquers.

  • Russian lacquer art

    Russian lacquer art

    Russian lacquer art developed from the art of icon painting, which came to an end with the collapse of Imperial Russia. The icon painters, who previously had been employed by supplying not only churches but people's homes, needed a way to make a living. Thus, the craft of making papier-mâché decorative boxes and panels developed, the items were lacquered and then hand painted by the artists, often with scenes from folk tales.

  • The Lacquer Screen

    The Lacquer Screen

    The Lacquer Screen is a gong'an detective novel written by Robert van Gulik and set in Imperial China (the early decades of the Tang Dynasty ). It is a fiction based on the real character of Judge Dee (Ti Jen-chieh or Di Renjie), a magistrate and statesman of the Tang court, who lived roughly 630–700 AD.

  • Lacquer (horse)

    Lacquer is a racing horse. She was sired by Shantung with Urshalim as the dam.

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