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- Verb i.

To imitate the manner of the Laconians, especially in brief, pithy speech, or in frugality and austerity.

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    Ignatius of Laconi

    Ignazio da Laconi (10 December 1701 - 11 May 1781) - born Vincenzo Peis - was a Roman Catholic professed religious born in Sardinia, from the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. His conquering a serious illness prompted him to consecrate his life to God and therefore entered the religious life though not as an ordained priest. Peis was better known in Sardinia for his humble demeanor coupled with his concern for those who were poor. He mingled with all people he met and was generous towards those who were ill. But he became known as a wonder worker and it was claimed that he had performed 121 miracles during his life.

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