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- Verb

An attending male servant; a footman; a servile follower.

- Verb i.

To act or serve as lackey; to pay servile attendance.

- Verb

To attend as a lackey; to wait upon.

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    Lackey may refer to:

  • John Lackey

    John Lackey

    John Derran Lackey (born October 23, 1978) is an American former professional baseball starting pitcher who played in Major League Baseball from 2002 through 2017 for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs. A three-time World Series champion, Lackey is regarded as a key figure in his clubs' postseason success, winning the title-clinching games of two out of the three Series. Selected to the MLB All-Star Game in 2007, he won that year's American League (AL) earned run average (ERA) title. After missing the 2012 season due to ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction surgery in his pitching elbow, and helping the Red Sox win the 2013 World Series, Lackey was named the winner of the Tony Conigliaro Award.

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    Kenneth "Ken" Lackey (born 1943) is an American businessman and politician from Oklahoma who formerly served as the President of the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa.

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    Bobby Lackey is a former American football player who was the starting quarterback for the Texas Longhorns in the late 1950s. An all around athlete, he also played punter, kicker and defensive back and returned both punts and kick-offs. He was the team's top scorer in 1958 and 1959 and helped Texas to win a share of the 1959 Southwest Conference championship, the first of the Darrell Royal era. He was also the first Longhorn to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated

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