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- Verb

An attending male servant; a footman; a servile follower.

- Verb i.

To act or serve as lackey; to pay servile attendance.

- Verb

To attend as a lackey; to wait upon.

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  • Lackey

    Lackey may refer to:

  • Ken Lackey

    Kenneth "Ken" Lackey (born 1943) is an American businessman and politician from Oklahoma who formerly served as the President of the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa.

  • Bobby Lackey

    Bobby Lackey is a former American football player who was the starting quarterback for the Texas Longhorns in the late 1950s. An all around athlete, he also played punter, kicker and defensive back and returned both punts and kick-offs. He was the team's top scorer in 1958 and 1959 and helped Texas to win a share of the 1959 Southwest Conference championship, the first of the Darrell Royal era. He was also the first Longhorn to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated

  • Rodney Lackey

    Rodney Lackey

    Rodney Lackey (raised in Gainesville, Georgia) is an American student and football player.

  • Lauren Lackey

    Lauren Lackey

    Lauren Lackey is an American soccer player from Huntsville, Alabama who plays as a midfielder.

  • Foundation (Lackey novel)

    Foundation is a fantasy novel by American writer Mercedes Lackey, published in 2008. It is the first book in The Collegium Chronicles (followed by Intrigues (2010), Changes (2011), Redoubt (2013), and Bastion (2014) It is a depiction of the early history of Valdemar its timeline is between The Last Herald Mage and Brightly Burning . The book details a change in the training of Heralds from essentially an apprenticeship such as experienced by Tylendel and Vanyel, to a school based system such as the one in Arrows of The Queen and Brightly Burning. Not all Heralds are in favor of this mainly citing lack of supervision as an objection.

  • Boots Lackey

    Boots Lackey

    Boots Lackey is a lacrosse player who plays as a defender and long stick midfielder with his club, 365Lax. He committed to play for the Washington and Lee University School of Law lacrosse team.

  • Grant Lackey

    Grant Lackey

    Grant Lackey is an American baseball player from Flowery Branch, Georgia who plays as an outfielder. He committed to play for the Lee University baseball team.

  • The Black Swan (Lackey novel)

    The Black Swan (Lackey novel)

    The Black Swan, published in 1999, is American fantasy author Mercedes Lackey's retelling of Swan Lake . The story is conveyed mostly from the point of view of Odile, the daughter of the sorcerer Baron Eric Von Rothbart. Sections are also told from the perspective of the debauched Prince Siegfried and his mother, the devious Queen Clothilde.

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