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- Noun

One who lacks or is in want.

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  • Jeffrey M. Lacker

    Jeffrey M. Lacker

    Jeffrey M. Lacker (born September 27, 1955) is an American economist and was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond until April 4, 2017. He is now a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Ianis Lacker

    Ianis Lacker (born 15 November 1989 in Strasbourg, France) is a professional footballer and a national of France.

  • 200 South Wacker Drive

    200 South Wacker Drive

    200 South Wacker Drive is a high-rise office building located in Chicago, Illinois. Construction of the building began in 1979 and was completed in 1981. Harry Weese Associates designed the building, which has 41 stories and stands at a height of 500 ft (152m), making it the 92nd tallest building in Chicago.

  • Otto Wacker

    Otto Wacker (1898–1970) was a German art dealer who became infamous for commissioning and selling forgeries of paintings by Vincent van Gogh. He had gained a good reputation in the 1920's after false starts in various other professions. Since the end of World War II, he lived in East Berlin. A study of his life and times has been written by Modris Eksteins.

  • FSV Wacker 03 Gotha

    FSV Wacker 03 Gotha

    FSV Wacker 03 Gotha is a German association football club from the city of Gotha, Thuringia.

  • One South Wacker

    One South Wacker

    One South Wacker is a 550 ft (168 m) tall skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It was constructed from 1979 to 1982 and has 40 floors. Murphy/Jahn, Inc. Architects designed the building, which is tied for the 72nd tallest building in Chicago.

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