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- Noun

A "tear-bottle;" a narrow-necked vessel found in sepulchers of the ancient Romans; -- so called from a former notion that the tears of the deceased person's friends were collected in it. Called also lachrymal or lacrymal.

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    A lacrymatory or lachrymatory (from the latin, "lacrima", a tear) is a small vessel of terracotta or, more frequently, of glass, found in Roman and late Greek tombs, and supposed to have been bottles into which mourners dropped their tears. They contained unguents, and the finding of so many of these vessels in tombs is due to the use of unguents at funeral ceremonies. They are shaped like a spindle, or a flask with a long small neck and a body in the form of a bulb.

  • Early Music (Lachrymæ Antiquæ)

    Early Music (Lachrymæ Antiquæ)

    Early Music (Lachrymæ Antiquæ) is a studio album by the Kronos Quartet, containing 21 compositions, many of which were written, arranged, or transcribed for the quartet. The subtitle is from Dowland's Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares of 1604.

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