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- Noun

One of the Lacertilia.

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  • Lacertian

  • Lacertians

  • Giovanna Lacerti

    Giovanna Lacerti (born 1935) is an Italian artist. Lacerti is a Latter-day Saint.

  • Lacerta (genus)

    Lacerta (genus)

    Lacerta is a genus of lizards of the family Lacertidae.

  • Lacerta oertzeni

    Lacerta oertzeni

    Lacerta oertzeni, the rock lizard, is a species of lizard in the family Lacertidae. It is found in Greece and Turkey. Its natural habitats are Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation, rocky areas, rocky shores, pastureland, plantations, and rural gardens. It is also called Anatololacerta oertzeni.

  • USS Lacerta (AKA-29)

    USS Lacerta (AKA-29)

    Lacerta was an Artemis-class attack cargo ship named after the constellation Lacerta . She served as a commissioned ship for 15 months.

  • Barbus lacerta

    Barbus lacerta

    The Kura barbel or lizard barbel (Barbus lacerta) or is a species of freshwater cyprinid fish from the Near East region.

  • Kronichthys lacerta

    Kronichthys lacerta is a species of armored catfish endemic to Brazil where it occurs in the Baia de Paranaguá and Ribeira de Iguape River basins. This species grows to a length of 7 centimetres (2.8 in) SL.

  • List of stars in Lacerta

    This is the list of notable stars in the constellation Lacerta , sorted by decreasing brightness.

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