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- Noun

A mass of igneous rock intruded between sedimentary beds and resulting in a mammiform bulging of the overlying strata.

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  • Laccolith


    A laccolith is a sheet-like intrusion (or concordant pluton ) that has been injected between layers of sedimentary rock. The pressure of the magma is high enough that the overlying strata are forced upward, giving the laccolith a dome or mushroom -like form (or possibly conical or wedge-shaped) with a generally planar base. Over time, erosion can form small hills and even mountains around a central peak. The development of laccoliths may take hundreds or thousands of years of related igneous activity as well as a very lengthy period to expose the intrusions at the surface.

  • Laccoliths

  • Coccolith

    Coccoliths are individual plates of calcium carbonate formed by coccolithophores (single-celled algae such as Emiliania huxleyi ) which are arranged around them in a coccosphere.

  • Cactolith

    A cactolith is "a quasihorizontal chonolith composed of anastomosing ductoliths whose distal ends curl like a harpolith, thin like a sphenolith, or bulge discordantly like an akmolith or ethmolith."

  • Province of Ascoli Piceno

    Province of Ascoli Piceno

    The province of Ascoli Piceno (Italian: Provincia di Ascoli Piceno) is a province in the Marche region of Italy. Its capital is the city of Ascoli Piceno, and the province is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the east, the province of Macerata to the north, and it faces the regions of Umbria and Abruzzo (Abruzzi) to the south. There are 33 comuni in the province, see Comunes of the Province of Ascoli Piceno.

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    Laura Lacole (born 12 September 1989 in Belfast, Northern Ireland ) is a model who refers to herself as "Northern Ireland's only Glamour model". She is also described as an outspoken atheist.

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