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- Noun

A mass of igneous rock intruded between sedimentary beds and resulting in a mammiform bulging of the overlying strata.

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  • Laccolith


    A laccolith is a sheet-like intrusion (or concordant pluton ) that has been injected between layers of sedimentary rock. The pressure of the magma is high enough that the overlying strata are forced upward, giving the laccolith a dome or mushroom -like form (or possibly conical or wedge-shaped) with a generally planar base. Over time, erosion can form small hills and even mountains around a central peak. The development of laccoliths may take hundreds or thousands of years of related igneous activity as well as a very lengthy period to expose the intrusions at the surface.

  • Laccoliths

  • Cactolith

    A cactolith is "a quasihorizontal chonolith composed of anastomosing ductoliths whose distal ends curl like a harpolith, thin like a sphenolith, or bulge discordantly like an akmolith or ethmolith."

  • Coccolith

    Coccoliths are individual plates of calcium carbonate formed by coccolithophores (single-celled algae such as Emiliania huxleyi ) which are arranged around them in a coccosphere.

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  • Lactol

    In organic chemistry, a lactol is the cyclic equivalent of a hemiacetal or a hemiketal. The compound is formed by the intramolecular nucleophilic addition of a hydroxyl group to the carbonyl group of an aldehyde or a ketone.

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    Coccolithus is a genus of haptophytes.

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