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- Noun

A yellow amorphous substance obtained from lac.

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  • Vaccine trial

    A vaccine trial is a clinical trial that aims at establishing the safety and efficacy of a vaccine prior to it being licensed.

  • Rubella vaccine

    Rubella vaccine is a vaccine used to prevent rubella. Effectiveness begins about two weeks after a single dose and around 95% of people become immune. Countries with high rates of immunization no longer see cases of rubella or congenital rubella syndrome. When there is a low level of childhood immunization in a population it is possible for rates of congenital rubella to increase as more women make it to child bearing age without either vaccination or exposure to the disease. Therefore, it is important for more than 80% of people to be vaccinated.

  • Vaccinium parvifolium

    Vaccinium parvifolium

    Vaccinium parvifolium, the red huckleberry, is a species of Vaccinium native to western North America, where it is common in forests from southeastern Alaska and British Columbia south through western Washington and Oregon to central California.

  • Pomaderris vacciniifolia

    Pomaderris vacciniifolia

    Pomaderris vacciniifolia (round-leaf pomaderris) is a spreading shrub, endemic to Victoria, Australia.

  • Vaccinium corymbosum

    Vaccinium corymbosum

    Vaccinium corymbosum, the northern highbush blueberry, is a North American species of blueberry which has become a food crop of significant economic importance. It is native to eastern Canada and the eastern and southern United States, from Ontario east to Nova Scotia and south as far as Florida and eastern Texas. It is also naturalized in other places: Europe, Japan, New Zealand, the Pacific Northwest of North America, etc. Other common names include blue huckleberry, tall huckleberry, swamp huckleberry, high blueberry, and swamp blueberry.

  • Historical annual reformulations of the influenza vaccine

    Since 1999, the World Health Organization has issued annual recommendations for influenza vaccine formulations. One reformulation of the influenza vaccine is for the Northern Hemisphere, and the other is for the Southern Hemisphere. Both recommendations are trivalent, i.e. featuring three strains.

  • Ebola vaccine

    Ebola vaccine

    Ebola vaccine candidates against Ebola have been developed in the decade prior to 2014, but none have yet been approved for clinical use in humans. One, rVSV-ZEBOV, has been used extensively in 2018-19 under a compassionate use protocol, and in September 2019, the FDA accepted a Biologics License Application and granted priority review for the vaccine. Several promising vaccine candidates have been shown to protect nonhuman primates (usually macaques ) against lethal infection.

  • Vaccinium ovalifolium

    Vaccinium ovalifolium

    Vaccinium ovalifolium (commonly known as Alaska blueberry, early blueberry, oval-leaf bilberry, oval-leaf blueberry, and oval-leaf huckleberry) is a plant in the heath family having three varieties, all of which grow in northerly regions, including the subarctic.

  • Hookworm vaccine

    Hookworm vaccine is a vaccine against hookworm. No effective vaccine for the disease in humans has yet been developed. Hookworms, parasitic nematodes transmitted in soil, infect approximately 700 million humans, particularly in tropical regions of the world where endemic hookworms include Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus . Hookworms feed on blood and those infected with hookworms may suffer from chronic anaemia and malnutrition. Helminth infection can be effectively treated with benzimidazole drugs (such as mebendazole or albendazole ), and efforts led by the World Health Organization have focused on one to three yearly de-worming doses in schools because hookworm infections with the heaviest intensities are most common in school-age children. However, these drugs only eliminate existing adult parasites and re-infection can occur soon after treatment, school-based de-worming efforts do not treat adults or pre-school children, and concerns exist about drug resistance developing in hookworms against the commonly used treatments, thus a vaccine against hookworm disease is sought to provide more permanent resistance to infection.

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