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- Noun

One of the Labyrinthodonta.

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  • Labyrinthodontia

    Labyrinthodontia (Greek, "maze-toothed") is an extinct amphibian subclass, which constituted some

  • Mastodonsaurus

    Mastodonsaurus (meaning "breast tooth lizard") is an extinct genus of temnospondyl amphibian from the Middle Triassic. It belongs to a Triassic group of temnospondyls called Capitosauria, characterized by their large body size and presumably aquatic lifestyles.

  • Sinobrachyops

    Shaximiao Formation in the Sichuan basin, China. S. placenticephalus is one of the youngest known labyrinthodont amphibians.

  • Limnoscelidae

    labyrinthodont amphibians. The Limnoscelidae themselves, being close to the ancestry of amniotes, would have been

  • Baphetidae

    Baphetidae is an extinct family of early tetrapods. Baphetids were large labyrinthodont predators

  • Notobrachyops

    , a species of holostean fish, a subholostean fish, and the labyrinthodont amphibian Paracyclotosaurus davidi.

  • Rachitomi

    The Rachitomi were a group of extinct Palaeozoic labyrinthodont amphibians, according to an earlier

  • Phyllospondyli

    of labyrinthodont amphibians from the Paleozoic. The groups was proposed as an order on the basis

  • East Kirkton Quarry

    years old. Best known are the labyrinthodont fossils, as the period coincides with the time where

  • Paleothyris

    sauropsid, yet it still had some features that were more primitive, more labyrinthodont-like than reptile

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