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- Noun

A small leguminous tree (Cytisus Laburnum), native of the Alps. The plant is reputed to be poisonous, esp. the bark and seeds. It has handsome racemes of yellow blossoms.

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  • Laburnum anagyroides

    Laburnum anagyroides

    Laburnum anagyroides, the common laburnum, golden chain or golden rain, is a species in the subfamily Faboideae, and genus Laburnum . Laburnum alpinum is closely related. It is native to Central and Southern Europe.

  • Laburnum Park Historic District

    Laburnum Park Historic District

    The Laburnum Park Historic District is a national historic district located at Richmond, Virginia. The district encompasses 226 contributing buildings and 2 contributing structures located north of downtown Richmond. The primarily residential area developed starting in the early-20th century as one of the city's early "streetcar suburbs " and as home to several important local institutions. The buildings are in a variety of popular early-20th century architectural styles including Queen Anne and Colonial Revival. It was developed as neighborhood of middle-to-upper-class, single-family dwellings. Notable buildings include the Laburnum House (1908), Richmond Memorial Hospital (1954-1957), Richmond Memorial Hospital Nursing School (1960-1961), "The Hermitage" (1911), Laburnum Court (1919), Veritas School.

  • Laburnum Grove (play)

    Laburnum Grove is a comedy-drama play by the British writer J.B. Priestley which was first staged in 1933. It was one of Priestley's earliest hits. The play premiered at the Duchess Theatre on 28 November 1933. In its initial run it had over 300 performances. It made its Broadway debut at Booth's Theatre on 14 January 1935 and ran for 131 performances.

  • Atherton Laburnum Rovers F.C.

    Atherton Laburnum Rovers F.C.

    Atherton Laburnum Rovers Football Club is a football club based in Atherton, Greater Manchester, England. Full members of the Lancashire County FA, they are currently members of the North West Counties League Division One North and play at Crilly Park.

  • Laburnum railway station

    Laburnum railway station

    Laburnum railway station is located on the Lilydale and Belgrave lines in Victoria, Australia. It serves the eastern Melbourne suburb of Laburnum opening on 13 July 1958.

  • Laburnum, Victoria

    Laburnum refers to a small area in the 'Bellbird' area of the suburb of Blackburn, Victoria, Australia. It covers the area bordered by Middleborough and Blackburn Roads, Gardiners Creek and the Belgrave /Lilydale railway line. It is a heavily treed area noted for its Laburnum bushes. It is in the local government area of the City of Whitehorse in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

  • USS Laburnum (1864)

    Laburnum was a steamer acquired by the Union Navy during the American Civil War. She was used by the Navy as a tugboat and dispatch boat to serve Union ships on blockade duty.

  • Laburnum (disambiguation)

    Laburnum refers to a small genus of tree, comprising:

  • Laburnum For My Head

    Laburnum For My Head

    Laburnum for My Head (2009) is the collection of eight short stories by Indian author Temsula Ao. The stories are about the lives of people from the vibrant and troubled region of northeast India.

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