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- Noun

A labiodental sound or letter.

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  • Labiodental trill

    The voiced labiodental trill is a consonant sound produced like a [ʙ] , but with the lower lip contacting the upper teeth, as in [v] . This can be represented in the IPA as ⟨ ʙ̪ ⟩.

  • Labiodental fricative

    A labial fricative is a fricative consonant, whose articulation involves the lips. Several kinds can be distinguished based on whether the articulation involves only the lips or either the teeth or the tongue:

  • Labiodental ejective affricate

    In phonetics, ejective consonants are usually voiceless consonants that are pronounced with a glottalic egressive airstream. In the phonology of a particular language, ejectives may contrast with aspirated, voiced and tenuis consonants. Some languages have glottalized sonorants with creaky voice that pattern with ejectives phonologically, and other languages have ejectives that pattern with implosives, which has led to phonologists positing a phonological class of glottalic consonants, which includes ejectives.

  • Labiodental stop (disambiguation)

  • Labiodental fricative (disambiguation)

  • Voiced labiodental trill

  • Voiceless labiodental nasal

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