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- Noun

A plant of the order Labiatae.

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  • Aurelia labiata

    Aurelia labiata

    Aurelia labiata is a species of moon jellyfish. It is a cnidarian in the family Ulmaridae. It is typically larger than Aurelia aurita, with individuals document up to 45cm. However much of its size range overlaps with A. aurita (up to 40cm), making size an imperfect diagnostic tool. Most Aurelia labiata have a 16-scalloped bell, meaning the bell indents inward at 16 points.

  • Semicassis labiata

    Semicassis labiata

    Semicassis labiata (formerly also known as Phalium labiatum) is a species of large predatory sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc. This species is in the subfamily Cassinae, the "helmet shells" and "bonnet shells", which feed on sea urchins.

  • Portia labiata

    Portia labiata

    Portia labiata is a jumping spider (family Salticidae) found in Sri Lanka, India, southern China, Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia, Singapore, Java, Sumatra and the Philippines. In this medium-sized jumping spider, the front part is orange-brown and the back part is brownish. The conspicuous main eyes provide vision more acute than a cat's during the day and 10 times more acute than a dragonfly's, and this is essential in P. labiata′s navigation, hunting and mating.

  • Aristolochia labiata

    Aristolochia labiata

    Aristolochia labiata, the mottled Dutchman's pipe or rooster flower, is an ornamental plant which is native to Brazil.

  • Cucullaea labiata

    Cucullaea labiata

    Cucullaea labiata is a species of saltwater clam or ark shell, a marine bivalve mollusk in the family Cucullaeidae.

  • International Labmate Ltd

    International Labmate Ltd

    International Labmate is a multi media publisher and events organiser, the company was founded in 1974 by Michael Pattison. A chemist by trade Michael started selling analytical instruments in the UK and then in the USA. Shortly after his return to the UK Michael launched Labmate UK & Ireland a product card booklet for scientists and laboratory managers based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Labmate UK & Ireland is still being read by laboratory scientists today and has evolved from its original format into a scientific journal containing the latest new product announcements, research and application articles, industry news stories and conference and exhibition reports.

  • Labiatophysa labiata

    Triplophysa labiata is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Triplophysa .

  • A. labiata

    A. labiata may refer to:

  • Cattleya labiata

    Cattleya labiata

    Cattleya labiata, also known as the crimson cattleya or ruby-lipped cattleya, is the type species of Cattleya, discovered in 1818 in Brazil.

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