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- Noun

The lower or apparently anterior petal of an orchidaceous flower, often of a very curious shape.

- Noun

A small appendage beneath the upper lip or labrum of certain insects.

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  • Labellum

    Labellum (plural: labella) is the Latin diminutive of labium, meaning lip. These are anatomical terms used descriptively in biology:

  • Euchromius labellum

    Euchromius labellum is a species of moth in the family Crambidae. It is found in Kenya.

  • Labellum (entomology)

  • Labellum (disambiguation)

  • Labellum (orchids)

  • Labellum (insect anatomy)

    Labellum (insect anatomy)

    In entomology, the term labellum has been applied variously and in partly contradictory ways. One usage is in referring to a prolongation of the labrum that covers the base of the rostrum in certain Coleoptera and Hemiptera.

  • Labellum (botany)

    Labellum (botany)

    In botany, the labellum (or lip) is the part of the flower of an orchid or Canna , or other less-known genera that serves to attract insects, which pollinate the flower, and acts as a landing platform for them.

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