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- Verb

To weaken or impair.

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  • Comite de liaison de patronat de l'A.E.F.

  • Confederation africaine des travailleurs croyants de l'A.E.F

  • Carolyn Labey

    Carolyn Labey

    Carolyn Fiona Labey is a Jersey politician who was first sworn in as a Deputy for Grouville on 12 December 2002. She was re-elected as Deputy in 2005, 2008 and 2011.

  • Labé


    Labé is the main city and administrative capital of the Fouta Djallon region of Guinea. It has a population of about 200.000. It is the second largest city in the country after the capital Conakry in term of economic importance. Labé is situated some 450 km northeast of Conakry close to the geographic centre of Guinea.

  • Molon Labe (Falling Skies)

    "Molon Labe" is the seventh episode of the second season of the American television drama series Falling Skies , and the 17th overall episode of the series. It originally aired on TNT in the United States on July 22, 2012. It was written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle and directed by Holly Dale. The title is drawn from the defiant cry reportedly uttered by Sparta's King Leonidas I to Persians demanding that he surrenders his army's weapons, Molon labe ("Come and take it").

  • Mohammadabad-e Lab-e Rud

    Mohammadabad-e Lab-e Rud (Persian: محمداباد لب رود‎, also Romanized as Moḩammadābād-e Lab-e Rūd; also known as Moḩammadābād) is a village in Zibad Rural District, Kakhk District, Gonabad County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 51, in 17 families.

  • Labe (hamlet)

    Labe (German: Elbe) is a hamlet in Šumperk District, Olomouc Region, Czech Republic. It was founded by German settlers from Vrchlabí in 1521. Vrchlabí is called Hohen Elbe in German language, thus the hamlet is obviously named after settlers' hometown. Czech name is a consequence of bad understanding of name's evolution. Officials believed the name was derived from Elbe River which is called Labe in Czech Language. The village was administered by the council of Nové Losiny for most of modern history. Labe has been administered by council of Jindřichov since 1976.

  • Leucinodes labefactalis

    Leucinodes labefactalis is a moth in the family Crambidae. It was described by Swinhoe in 1904. It is found on Borneo.

  • Lab-e Darya-ye Lasku Kalayeh

    Lab-e Darya-ye Lasku Kalayeh (Persian: لب دريالسكوكلايه‎, also Romanized as Lab-e Daryā-ye Laskū Kalayeh; also known as Laskooh, Laskū Kalāyeh, Laskū Kalāyeh-ye Lab-e Daryā, Leskū Kalāyeh, Lesku Kelāyeh, and Leskū Kelāyeh-e Lab-e Daryā) is a village in Kiashahr Rural District, Kiashahr District, Astaneh-ye Ashrafiyeh County, Gilan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 791, in 247 families.

  • Espoir de Labé

    Espoir de Labé is a football club from Labé in the West African, state of Guinea. They play in the Guinée Championnat National, which is the highest league in Guinean football.

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