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- Noun

The mouth or opening of an oven or kiln.

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  • Battle of Wilno

    Battle of Vilnius (Vilna, Wilno) may refer to:

  • Oskari Wilho Louhivuori

    Oskari Wilho Louhivuori

    Oskari Wilho Louhivuori (18 September 1884 – 1 July 1953) was a Finnish politician, born in Kuopion maalaiskunta. He was a member of the Senate of Finland. He died in Helsinki.

  • Home Army 5th Wilno Brigade

    The Home Army 5th Wilno Brigade (also known as the Brigade of Death) was a unit of the Polish anti-Nazi resistance organization Home Army, active in the Vilnius Region during World War II. The main commander of the brigade was major Zygmunt Szendzielarz, nom de guerre "Łupaszko".

  • Vilho Tilkanen

    Vilho Oskari Tilkanen (14 April 1885 – 1 August 1945) was a Finnish road racing cyclist who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics.

  • Wilno, Ontario

    Wilno, Ontario

    The community of Wilno, Ontario is situated on the border of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards and Madawaska Valley townships in Renfrew County, Ontario.

  • Rali Vinho da Madeira

    The Rali Vinho da Madeira is a tarmac rally held in Madeira Island, Portugal, and it is the biggest annual sporting event of the island, bringing thousands of people into the roads to watch the drivers compete through the hilly terrain and the natural landscapes. Its first edition was in 1959, having later entered the European Rally Championship in 1979, and remained in its calendar until 2012. It has also been part of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge since the championship was first held in 2006, which brought further exposure to the event as Eurosport broadcasts footage of this championship to many countries.

  • Zinho Gano

    Zinho Gano

    Zinho Gano (born 13 October 1993) is a Belgian footballer who currently plays for Genk in the Belgian Pro League after joining on 2 July 2018 from fellow Pro League side Oostende for a value of £1.62 million.

  • Vilho Petter Nenonen

    Vilho Petter Nenonen

    Vilho Petter Nenonen (6 March 1883 – 17 February 1960) was a Finnish general.

  • Wilno Voivodeship (1926–39)

    Wilno Voivodeship (1926–39)

    The Wilno Voivodeship (Polish: województwo wileńskie) was one of 16 Voivodeships in the Second Polish Republic, with the capital in Wilno (before 1920 and after 1939 - Vilnius, Lithuania). It was created in 1926 and populated predominantly by Poles with notable minorities of Belarusians, Jews and Lithuanians.

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