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- Noun

The mouth or opening of an oven or kiln.

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  • Vilho Koljonen

    Vilho Koljonen (August 18, 1910 – September 1, 2000) was a Finnish writer, photographer and composer. He was born in Kiihtelysvaara. After 1955 he worked as a teacher in Särkijärvi school. He played quitar. He died in Muonio, aged 90.

  • Robert de Pinho de Souza

    Robert de Pinho de Souza

    Robert de Pinho de Souza (born 27 February 1981), simply known as Robert, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Portuguesa as a striker.

  • Battle of Wilno

    Battle of Vilnius (Vilna, Wilno) may refer to:

  • Oskari Wilho Louhivuori

    Oskari Wilho Louhivuori

    Oskari Wilho Louhivuori (18 September 1884 – 1 July 1953) was a Finnish politician, born in Kuopion maalaiskunta. He was a member of the Senate of Finland. He died in Helsinki.

  • Home Army 5th Wilno Brigade

    The Home Army 5th Wilno Brigade (also known as the Brigade of Death) was a unit of the Polish anti-Nazi resistance organization Home Army, active in the Vilnius Region during World War II. The main commander of the brigade was major Zygmunt Szendzielarz, nom de guerre "Łupaszko".

  • Vilho Tilkanen

    Vilho Oskari Tilkanen (14 April 1885 – 1 August 1945) was a Finnish road racing cyclist who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics.

  • Pinhole (optics)

    Pinhole (optics)

    A pinhole is a small circular hole, as could be made with the point of a pin. In optics, pinholes with diameter between a few micrometers and a hundred micrometers are used as apertures in optical systems. Pinholes are commonly used to spatially filter a beam (such as a laser beam), where the small pinhole acts as a low-pass filter for spatial frequencies in the image plane of the beam.

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