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- Noun

The Cornish chough. See under Chough.

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  • Killigrew

    Killigrew is a surname of Cornish origin. Notable people with this surname include:

  • Elizabeth Killigrew

    Elizabeth Killigrew may refer to:

  • Alan Killigrew

    Alan Killigrew

    Alan Killigrew (27 January 1918 – 10 June 2001) was an Australian rules footballer who went on to a celebrated career as senior coach in the Victorian Football League (VFL), South Australian National Football League (SANFL) and West Australian National Football League (WANFL).

  • John Killigrew (d.1584)

    Sir John Killigrew (died 1584) of Arwenack, near Penryn, Cornwall, was the 2nd Governor of Pendennis Castle, (1568–1584) appointed by Queen Elizabeth I, as stated on his father's brass in St Budock's Church. He was MP for Lostwithiel in 1563 and twice for the family's pocket borough of Penryn, in 1571 and 1572. Although appointed a commissioner to enquire into piracy, he was himself a notorious pirate and smuggler. He was described as a man "who might sometimes keep within the law, but only out of fear of punishment".

  • John Killigrew

    John Killigrew may refer to:

  • Catherine Killigrew

    Catherine Killigrew (1618–1689) was the daughter of Sir Robert Killigrew and Mary Woodhouse.

  • Henry Killigrew

    Henry Killigrew may refer to:

  • William Killigrew (1606–1695)

    Sir William Killigrew (1606–1695) of Kempton Park, Middlesex, was an English court official under Charles I and Charles II.

  • John Killigrew (died 1605)

    John Killigrew (died 1605)

    John Killigrew (c. 1557 – 1605) of Arwenack, near Falmouth in Cornwall, was three times MP for Penryn in 1584, 1586 and 1597, although it seems that he very rarely attended Parliament. He was Vice-Admiral of Cornwall and like his father and grandfather was Captain of Pendennis Castle (1584–98), but was removed from office due to grave suspicions about his loyalty to the Crown. He was heavily in debt throughout his adult life, and died a ruined man.

  • Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killigrew

    Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killigrew

    Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killgrew is a 1638 Baroque portrait by the Flemish artist Anthony van Dyck. The portrait is twinned with another of the Lady's husband, William Killigrew (1606–1695).

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