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- Noun

A gutter, groove, or channel.

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  • Battle of Kara Killisse (1918)

  • Ely Killeuse

    Ely Killeuse (born January 2, 1988) is a fitness instructor.

  • Battle of Kara Killisse (1915)

    The Battle of Kara Killisse (Lit. Black church, Turkish: Karakilise Muharebesi), also known as the Battle of Malazgirt, was a battle on the Caucasus front in July 1915 after the Battle of Manzikert. In Russian historical literature, this engagement is considered as a part of "Alashkert defensive operation" (9 July-3 August). Previously in the summer of 1915 the Russians attacked Turkish positions northeast of lake Van but they underestimated the size of their enemy. They were defeated at the Battle of Manzikert. This success encouraged the Turks under Abdul Kerim Pasha to advance towards the Russians in the Eleşkirt valley while the Turks were pursuing the remnants of Oganovki's army across the Ağrı mountains they spread out and Russian general Yudenich took the opportunity to counterattack from the west with some 20.000 reinforcements mostly Cossack units to encircle them. in the following battles between 5–8 August the Turks retreated south but the Russians succeeded only partially. The Turks lost some guns, large provisions and 10.000 killed and wounded and 6.000 became prisoners. Due to difficulties the Russians could not gain total advantage and retreated from the town of Van and Turks occupied it on 3 August.

  • Killester

    Killester (Irish: Cill Easra) is a small, largely residential, suburb of Dublin, Ireland on the Northside of the city.

  • Killester Basketball

    Killester Basketball Club is an Irish basketball club based in Dublin. Established in 1967 by Michael Casey, Killester is one of the oldest and most successful civilian basketball clubs in Ireland. The club's senior men's and women's representative teams, Pyrobel Killester, both play in Ireland's top national leagues.

  • Killesbergpark

    The Killesbergpark (Höhenpark Killesberg) is an urban public park of half a square kilometre (123 acres ) in Stuttgart, Germany. It is just north of the state capital, where Killesberg is a quarter of the borough of Stuttgart-Nord (North).

  • Heinrich Tillessen

    Heinrich Tillessen (November 27, 1894, Cologne – 12 November 1984, Koblenz ) was one of the murderers of Matthias Erzberger, the former minister of finance of the Centre Party. One of his brothers was Karl Tillessen, the deputy of Hermann Ehrhardt in the Organisation Consul. The other accomplice in the crime was Heinrich Schulz. The trial of Heinrich Tillessen was held in postwar Germany, and received widespread attention from the public and legal experts, exemplifying numerous problems in the judicial processing of crimes before and during the Nazi period.

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