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- Noun

Hydrous sulphate of magnesia found at the salt mines of Stassfurt, Prussian Saxony.

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  • Kieserite

    Kieserite is the magnesium sulfate mineral (MgSO4·H2O) and is named after Dietrich Georg von Kieser

  • Abraum salts

    ), carnallite, and kieserite (magnesium sulfate), found in association with rock salt at Aschersleben

  • Dietrich Georg von Kieser

    , where from 1824 to 1862 he served as a "full professor". A magnesium sulfate mineral known as kieserite is named after him.

  • Gunningite

    Gunningite is one of the minerals in the Kieserite group, with the chemical formula (Zn,Mn2+)SO4

  • Szomolnokite

    with magnesium end-member kieserite (MgSO4 · H2O). In 1877 szomolnokite’s name was derived

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