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- Noun

Hydrous sulphate of magnesia found at the salt mines of Stassfurt, Prussian Saxony.

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  • Kieserite


    Kieserite is the magnesium sulfate mineral (MgSO4·H2O) and is named after Dietrich Georg von Kieser (Jena, Germany 1862). It has a vitreous luster and it is colorless, grayish-white or yellowish. Its hardness is 3.5 and crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system. Gunningite is the zinc member of the kieserite group of minerals.

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    Lionel Kieseritzky

    Lionel Adalbert Bagration Felix Kieseritzky (Russian: Лионель Адальберт Багратион Феликс Кизерицкий; 1 January 1806 O.S. 20 December 1805] – 18 May O.S. 6 May] 1853) was a Baltic German chess master, famous primarily for a game he lost against Adolf Anderssen, which because of its brilliance was named "The Immortal Game ".

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    R. K. Kieseritzky (Kieseritzki, Kieseritsky) (c. 1870 – after 1923) was a Russian (and Baltic German) chess master.

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