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- Noun

A species of clay; meerschaum.

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    Susan Mary Kiefel (; born 17 January 1954) is the Chief Justice of Australia, in office since 30

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    Ronald Alexander "Ron" Kiefel (born April 11, 1960 in Denver) is a former professional road bicycle

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    Elaphoidella is a genus of freshwater copepods in the family Canthocamptidae. It contains over 200 species, including three classified as vulnerable species by the IUCN – three endemic to Slovenia (Elaphoidella franci, Elaphoidella jeanneli and Elaphoidella slovenica) and one endemic to the United States (Elaphoidella amabilis). In total, the genus Elaphoidella contains the following species:

  • Kiefel


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    Stygodiaptomus kieferi is a species of crustacean in the family Diaptomidae. It is endemic to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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    and the highest-ranking judicial officer in the Commonwealth of Australia. The incumbent is Susan Kiefel, who is the first woman to hold the position.

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    : * Karanovic, 1999 * Stygodiaptomus kieferi Petkovski, 1981 * Stygodiaptomus petkovskii Brancelj, 1991

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    winning teammates in Los Angeles, California were Ron Kiefel, Andrew Weaver, and Davis Phinney

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    & Tai, 1964 * Heliodiaptomus kieferi (Brehm & Chappuis, 1935) * Kiefer, 1932 * Heliodiaptomus

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