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- Noun

One who steals or forcibly carries away a human being; a manstealer.

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  • Kidnapper

    A kidnapper is a person who performs a kidnapping. Kidnapper may also refer to:

  • To Trap a Kidnapper

    To Trap a Kidnapper (誘拐報道) is a 1982 Japanese film directed by Shunya Itō.

  • Kidnapper (2013 film)

    Kidnapper (2013 film)

    Kidnapper is a 2013 Bengali film. The film was directed by Rupak Majumdar and produced by Arka Basu. The film's music was composed by Raja Narayan Deb. The film was released on 8 March 2013. The film is based on the lives of neglected children.

  • Kidnapper (2010 film)

    Kidnapper (2010 film)

    Kidnapper (Chinese: 绑匪; pinyin: Bǎngfěi) is a 2010 Singaporean thriller film about a kidnap set in Singapore. The first action-thriller film made by Kelvin Tong, it was a joint venture between Scorpio East Pictures of Singapore and RAM Pictures and PMP Entertainment from Malaysia. Tong opted for a thriller film as opposed to a full-fledged action film as he felt this was more realistic in Singapore saying "people here (in Singapore) don't run around with machine guns".

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    The Kidnapper (Spanish: El secuestrador) is a 1958 Argentine drama film directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson and starring María Vaner, Leonardo Favio and Lautaro Murúa.

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