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- Noun

One who, or that which, kicks.

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  • Kicker

    Kicker or The Kicker may refer to:

  • Kicker (Sports magazine)

  • Mike Cofer (kicker)

    James Michael Cofer (born February 19, 1964 in Columbia, South Carolina ), is a former professional American football player who attended Charlotte Country Day School. A 6'2", 197 lb (89 kg) placekicker from North Carolina State University, Cofer kicked in the National Football League for eight seasons from 1987–1993 and 1995. In the 1990s and 2002, he was also a stock car racing driver in the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Tour and Craftsman Truck Series.

  • Fred Mitchell Outstanding Place Kicker Award

    Fred Mitchell Outstanding Place Kicker Award

    The annual Fred Mitchell Outstanding Place-Kicker Award (also known as the Fred Mitchell Award) is provided to the nation’s top collegiate place-kicker among more than 750 FCS, Division II, III, NAIA and NJCAA football teams.

  • Flea Kicker

    In college football, the Flea Kicker was a notable play executed by the Nebraska Cornhuskers against the Missouri Tigers on November 8, 1997 that sent the game into overtime and resulted in a win for the Cornhuskers who went on to share the NCAA Division I-A National Championship with the Michigan Wolverines. The final minutes of the game were seen by many people on ABC, after other regional games ended.

  • Nicolás Kicker

    Nicolás Kicker

    Nicolás Kicker (Spanish pronunciation: [nikoˈlas ˈkikeɾ], born 16 August 1992 in Merlo ) is an Argentine tennis player.

  • Brian Mitchell (kicker)

    Brian Mitchell (born October 15, 1969) is a former college football and professional arena football player.

  • The Kicker (Bobby Hutcherson album)

    The Kicker (Bobby Hutcherson album)

    The Kicker is an album by American jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson recorded in 1963 but not released on the Blue Note label until 1999 as a limited edition.

  • Injection kicker magnets

    Kicker magnets are dipole magnets used to rapidly switch a particle beam between two paths. Conceptually similar to a railroad switch in function, a kicker magnet must switch on very rapidly, then maintain a stable magnetic field for some minimum time. Switch-off time is also important, but less critical.

  • Shit kicker

    The term Shit Kicker may refer to:

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