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- Noun

One who, or that which, kicks.

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  • Kicker

    Kicker or The Kicker may refer to:

  • Kicker (Sports magazine)

  • Mike Cofer (kicker)

    James Michael Cofer (born February 19, 1964 in Columbia, South Carolina ), is a former professional American football player who attended Charlotte Country Day School. A 6'2", 197 lb (89 kg) placekicker from North Carolina State University, Cofer kicked in the National Football League for eight seasons from 1987–1993 and 1995. In the 1990s and 2002, he was also a stock car racing driver in the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Tour and Craftsman Truck Series.

  • Nicolás Kicker

    Nicolás Kicker

    Nicolás Kicker (Spanish pronunciation: [nikoˈlas ˈkikeɾ], born 16 August 1992 in Merlo ) is an Argentine tennis player.

  • Injection kicker magnets

    Kicker magnets are dipole magnets used to rapidly switch a particle beam between two paths. Conceptually similar to a railroad switch in function, a kicker magnet must switch on very rapidly, then maintain a stable magnetic field for some minimum time. Switch-off time is also important, but less critical.

  • Icing the kicker

    In the sports of American football or Canadian football, the act of icing the kicker or freezing the kicker is a tactic employed by defending teams to disrupt the process of kicking a field goal just prior to the snap. Typically, either a player or a coach on the defending team will call a timeout just as the kicker is about to attempt a game-tying or game-winning field goal. This is intended to either stop the kick immediately as the kicker is mentally prepared, or allow for the kicker to kick immediately after the timeout so that the initial kick does not count, in an attempt to mentally disrupt the kicker for the actual kick. If the tactic is successful, the kicker will miss the kick due to choking. Should the kicker make the subsequent kick, then the attempt to ice the kicker is considered unsuccessful.

  • Kicker in Tow

    Kicker in Tow

    Kicker In Tow is Hangedup's second album, released in the fall of 2002 on Montreal's Constellation Records label. It was released on CD and LP, catalogue number Constellation # CST022-1.

  • Todd Peterson (place kicker)

  • John Sullivan (kicker)

    John Fitzgerald Sullivan (born January 6, 1985) is a former American football placekicker who played college football at the University of New Mexico and attended Tehachapi High School in Tehachapi, California. He transferred to the University of New Mexico in the spring of 2004 from San Jose State University, where he did not play any games. He earned the starting placekicker job for the New Mexico Lobos his senior year in 2007 and was a consensus All-American. Sullivan led all of Division I in field goals made in 2007. He led Division I with a 2.42 field goals per game average, the highest total since 1984. He also made a school record 18 straight field goals.

  • The Kicker

    Kicker or The Kicker may refer to:

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