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- Noun

A large iron bucket used in Cornwall and Wales for raising ore out of mines.

- Verb

To bruise; to grind coarsely; as, kibbled oats.

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  • Kibble

    Kibble may refer to:

  • Karima Kibble

    Karima Kibble (born Karima Trotter) is a Gospel singer, and a founding member of the gospel group Virtue.

  • Nita Kibble Literary Award

    The Kibble Literary Awards comprise two awards — the Nita B Kibble Literary Award, which recognises the work of an established Australian female writer, and the Dobbie Literary Award, which is for a first published work by a female writer. The Awards recognise the works of women writers of fiction or non-fiction classified as 'life writing'. This includes novels, autobiographies, biographies, literature and any writing with a strong personal element.

  • Thomas Kibble Hervey

    Thomas Kibble Hervey (4 February 1799 – 27 February 1859) was a Scottish-born poet and critic.

  • Classical Mechanics (Kibble and Berkshire book)

    Classical Mechanics (Kibble and Berkshire book)

    Classical Mechanics (5th ed.) is a well-established textbook written by Thomas Walter Bannerman Kibble, FRS, (born 1932) and Frank Berkshire of the Imperial College Mathematics Department. The book provides a thorough coverage of the fundamental principles and techniques of classical mechanics, a long-standing subject which is at the base of all of physics.

  • Nita Kibble

    Nita Kibble

    Nita Kibble (1879–1962) was the first woman to be a librarian with the State Library of New South Wales. She held the position of Principal Research Librarian from 1919 until her retirement in 1943. Nita Kibble was a founding member of the Australian Institute of Librarians. The Nita B. Kibble Literary Awards (the Kibble Awards) for Australian women writers are named in her honour.

  • Chris Kibble

    Chris Kibble (born July 24, 1963) is a British pianist and keyboard player. He started with the jazz fusion band Kafo in 1985, then joined acid jazz band Snowboy. Kibble attended Sedgehill Secondary School in southeast London, England.

  • Kibble Park

    Kibble Park is an urban park in Gosford City, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. The park is a common location for public events in Gosford City.

  • George Kibble

    George Herbert Kibble (9 October 1865 – 4 January 1923) was an English cricketer who played in one first-class cricket match for Kent County Cricket Club during the 1889 season. He was born in Greenwich in 1865 and died in Camberwell in London in 1923 aged 57.

  • Jack Kibble

    Jack Kibble

    John Westly Kibble (January 2, 1892 – December 13, 1969) nicknamed "Happy", was a Major League Baseball player for the Cleveland Naps in 1912. He played five games (four at third base), going 0-for-8 at the plate. His only time on base was a hit by pitch.

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