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- Noun

A governor or viceroy; -- a title granted in 1867 by the sultan of Turkey to the ruler of Egypt.

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  • Khedive

    The term Khedive (Ottoman Turkish: الخدیوی‎ Hıdiv) is a title largely equivalent to the English word "servicemen" or possibly viceroy. It was first used, without official recognition, by Muhammad Ali Pasha (Turkish: Kavalalı Mehmet Ali Paşa, General Muhammad Ali of Kavala ), the governor of Egypt and Sudan, and vassal of the Ottoman Empire. The initially self-declared title was officially recognized by the Ottoman government in 1867, and used subsequently by Ismail Pasha, and his dynastic successors until 1914.

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    Khedive is an unincorporated community in Greene County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is located at an elevation of 1,020 feet (311 m).

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    Khedive McIntosh

    Khedive McIntosh is an American soccer player from Jackson Township, New Jersey who plays as a midfielder.

  • USS Khedive (CVE-39)

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