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- Noun

The whole arrangement, or one range, of the keys of an organ, typewriter, etc.

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  • Keyboard

    Keyboard may refer to:

  • Wireless keyboard

    A wireless keyboard is a computer keyboard that allows the user to communicate with computers, tablets, or laptops with the help of radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR) or Bluetooth technology. It is common for wireless keyboards available these days to be accompanied by a wireless mouse.

  • Portuguese keyboard layout

    There are two QWERTY-based keyboard layouts used for the Portuguese language.

  • IBM PC keyboard

    The keyboard for IBM PC-compatible computers is standardized. However, during the more than 30 years of PC architecture being frequently updated, many keyboard layout variations have been developed.

  • Keyboard protector

    A keyboard protector or keyboard cover is a device which is placed on top of a computer keyboard in order to reduce its contact with the environment, for example, to prevent dust entry, and to keep the keyboard in a pristine state and reduce or eliminate the need for cleaning the keyboard.

  • Thummer keyboard

    A Thummer is a proposed commercial musical instrument characterized by

  • When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago

    When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago

    When the Keyboard Breaks is a live album by progressive metal supergroup Liquid Trio Experiment. The album was recorded during a live show of Liquid Tension Experiment in Chicago, Illinois. The album came about when, during the track "Universal Mind", Jordan Rudess' Roland Fantom-G8 keyboard started playing half-step higher notes on every fourth key:

  • Keyboard monument

    Keyboard Monument (Russian: Памятник клавиатуре) is an outdoor sculpture featuring the QWERTY /JCUKEN keyboard. It is located in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg alternatively spelt Ekaterinburg and is popular among tourists.

  • Avro Keyboard

    Avro Keyboard

    Avro Keyboard (Bengali: অভ্র কিবোর্ড) is a free and open source graphical keyboard software developed by OmicronLab for the Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS operating system. It is the first free Unicode and ANSI compliant Bengali keyboard interface for Windows that was published on 26 March, 2003.

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