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- Noun

The upper division of the European Triassic. See Chart of Geology.

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  • Keuper

    The Keuper is a lithostratigraphic unit (a sequence of rock strata ) in the subsurface of large parts of west and central Europe. The Keuper consists of dolomite, shales or claystones and evaporites that were deposited during the Middle and Late Triassic epochs (about 220 million years ago). The Keuper lies on top of the Muschelkalk and under the predominantly Lower Jurassic Lias or other Early Jurassic strata.

  • Keuper Formation

    The Keuper Formation is a geologic formation in France. It preserves fossils dating back to the Triassic period.

  • Ken Keuper

    Kenneth Erwin Keuper (November 14, 1918 – May 23, 1997) was a player in the National Football League for the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants from 1945 to 1948. He played at the college football at the University of Georgia.

  • Upper Keuper

    The Upper Keuper (German: Obere Keuper, also Oberkeuper, Rhätkeuper, Rätkeuper) or Rhätsandstein (Rhätsandstein) is a lithostratigraphic subgroup of the Keuper in the Germanic Trias. It currently has only one formation, the Exter Formation. The lithostratigraphic unit is underlain by the Middle Keuper subgroup and overlain, in the North German Basin, by the Lias and, in the South German Basin by the Black Jurassic.

  • Keuper Waterstones Formation

    Keuper Waterstones Formation

    The Keuper Waterstones is a geologic formation in England. It preserves ichnofossils of Varanopus aff. curvidactylus, Swinnertonichnus mapperleyensis , Deuterotetrapous plancus, Chirotherium swinnertoni , Microsauropus acutipes and Erpetopus willistoni dating back to the Middle Triassic (Anisian ) period.

  • Keuper Claystone

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