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- Noun

One of a series of series of complex nitrogenous substances, represented by methyl ketol and related to indol.

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  • 2-amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose-6-phosphate aminohydrolase (ketol isomerizing)

  • Metol


    Metol (or Elon) are trade names for the organic compound with the formula [HOC6H4NH2(CH3)]HSO4. It is the hydrogen sulfate (HSO4−) salt of the protonated derivative of N-methylaminophenol. This colourless salt is a popular photographic developer used in black & white photography.

  • Testosterone ketolaurate

    Testosterone ketolaurate

    Testosterone ketolaurate (INN, USAN ) (brand names Androdurin, Testosid-Depot (with testosterone propionate )), also known as testosterone caprinoylacetate, is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication and a testosterone ester. It was introduced in 1956.

  • Tuomas Ketola

    Tuomas Ketola (born 21 February 1975) is a Finnish former professional tennis player on the ATP Tour.

  • Ketol-acid reductoisomerase

    Ketol-acid reductoisomerase

    In enzymology, a ketol-acid reductoisomerase (EC ) is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

  • Ketolide

    Ketolides are antibiotics belonging to the macrolide group. Ketolides are derived from erythromycin by substituting the cladinose sugar with a keto-group and attaching a cyclic carbamate group in the lactone ring. These modifications give ketolides much broader spectrum than other macrolides. Moreover, ketolides are effective against macrolide-resistant bacteria, due to their ability to bind at two sites at the bacterial ribosome as well as having a structural modification that makes them poor substrates for efflux-pump mediated resistance.

  • Helen Ketola

    Helen Julia Ketola [ LaCamera ] was an All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player. Listed at 5' 4", 109 lb., Ketola batted and threw right handed. She was dubbed 'Pee Wee' by her teammates.

  • Ketoli Chengappa

    Ketolira Chengappa was born in 1878 into the noble Ketolira (also called Ketoli) family of Coorg. During the Raj he was made a Commissioner of Coorg first and titled Rao Bahadur. He was later elevated to the position of Chief Commissioner of Coorg, and then titled Diwan Bahadur. In 1947 when India obtained freedom, he hosted the Indian flag in Mercara fort during the ceremony in the then Coorg province. He was the last Chief Commissioner of Coorg and the only one of Indian origin during the Raj, as Englishmen held this position before him.

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