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- Noun

A sauce. See Catchup.

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  • Ketchup


    Ketchup, also known as catsup, ketsup, red sauce, and tomato sauce, is a sauce used as a condiment. Originally, recipes used egg whites, mushrooms, oysters, grapes, mussels, or walnuts, among other ingredients, but now the unmodified term usually refers to tomato ketchup.

  • Curry ketchup

    Curry ketchup

    Curry ketchup, also called Currygewürzketchup (curry spice ketchup) in Germany, is a spiced variant on ketchup and a common sauce in Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

  • Ketchup: Cats Who Cook

    Ketchup: Cats Who Cook

    Ketchup: Cats Who Cook (ケチャップ, Kechappu) is an animated series broadcast between October 5, 1998, and April 2, 1999, on NHK in Japan. It was a co-production with Southern Star of Australia,

  • Emperor Tomato Ketchup (film)

    Emperor Tomato Ketchup (トマトケチャップ皇帝, Tomato Kechappu Kōtei) is a Japanese short experimental film made by Shūji Terayama. A 27 minute cut was released in 1971. A "director's cut " of sorts, attempting to recreate the film as originally made in 1970, was released as a 75-minute feature in 1996, 13 years after Terayama's death.

  • Las Ketchup

    Las Ketchup

    Las Ketchup is a Spanish girl group, founded by flamenco record producer Manuel "Queco" Ruiz. The group is best known for the 2002 hit single, "The Ketchup Song (Aserejé) ", a single that sold over 7 million copies worldwide. The group's debut studio album, Hijas del Tomate , has sold over 2 million copies worldwide, but the second did not achieve the same success. The group has not released any singles since 2006, but still performs together publicly around Spain and other countries.

  • Ketchup Clouds

    Ketchup Clouds

    Ketchup Clouds is a 2012 teen novel by Annabel Pitcher. It tells the story of a girl about the age of 15 who has a dark secret she is afraid to confess to anyone but her pen pal, a murderer on Death Row. It won the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize.

  • Ketchup as a vegetable

    The ketchup as a vegetable controversy refers to proposed United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) regulations, early in the presidency of Ronald Reagan, that intended to provide more flexibility in meal planning to local school lunch administrators coping with National School Lunch Plan subsidy cuts enacted by the Omnibus Regulation Acts of 1980 and 1981. The regulations allowed administrators the opportunity to credit items not explicitly listed that met nutritional requirements. While ketchup was not mentioned in the original regulations, pickle relish was used as an example of an item that could count as a vegetable. A similar controversy arose in 2011, when Congress passed a bill prohibiting the USDA from increasing the amount of tomato paste required to constitute a vegetable; the bill allowed pizza with two tablespoons of tomato paste to qualify as a vegetable.

  • Caleb Ketchup

    Caleb Ketchup

    Caleb Ketchup is an American baseball player from Jonesboro, Georgia who plays as a shortstop. He committed to play for the Georgia baseball team.

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