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- Noun

A small European evergreen oak (Quercus coccifera) on which the kermes insect (Coccus ilicis) feeds.

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  • Aïn Kermes

    Aïn Kermes is a town and commune in Tiaret Province in northwestern Algeria.

  • Kermes (insect)

    Kermes is a genus of scale insects in the order Hemiptera. They feed on the sap of evergreen oaks

  • Kermes


  • Kermes vermilio

    Kermes vermilio is one of the species of Kermes used to make the crimson dye also called kermes.

  • Euclemensia bassettella

    Euclemensia bassettella, the kermes scale moth, is a moth in the family Cosmopterigidae

  • Aïn Kermes District

    Aïn Kermes District is a district of Tiaret Province, Algeria.

  • Quercus coccifera

    Quercus coccifera, the kermes oak, is an oak tree in the Quercus section Cerris. It is native

  • Cryptococcus fagisuga

    Cryptococcus fagisuga, commonly known as the beech scale or woolly beech scale, is a felted scale insect in the superfamily Coccoidea that infests beech trees of the genus Fagus. It is associated with the transmission of beech bark disease because the puncture holes it makes in the bark allow entry of pathogenic fungi which have been identified as Nectria coccinea var. faginata and sometimes Nectria galligena.

  • Kermes mineral

    Kermes mineral or Alkermes mineral was a compound of antimony oxides and sulfides, more

  • Kermes (dye)

    Kermes is a red dye derived from the dried bodies of the females of a scale insect in the genus

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