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- Noun

Pigs of iron used for ballast.

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  • Kentledge

    Kentledge (fr. ballast ), or kentledge weights, are slabs or blocks of concrete or iron (commonly scrap iron or pig iron ). They are used within ships as permanent, high-density ballast. They may also be used as counterweights in cranes such as tower cranes or swing bridges as is found in the Victoria Swing Bridge. On construction sites, prior to the erection of a building, static load testing may use a large number of kentledge stacked onto a platform. This platform is used to drive piles into the ground beneath to test the integrity of the foundation.

  • Kentridge High School

    Kentridge High School is a (senior) high school that is located on 43 acres (170,000 m2) in Kent, Washington. It is the second-oldest and second-largest high school by area (while the largest by population) in the Kent School District. It primarily serves students in the northeastern region of the district.

  • William Kentridge

    William Kentridge

    William Kentridge (born 28 April 1955) is a South African artist best known for his prints, drawings, and animated films. These are constructed by filming a drawing, making erasures and changes, and filming it again. He continues this process meticulously, giving each change to the drawing a quarter of a second to two seconds' screen time. A single drawing will be altered and filmed this way until the end of a scene. These palimpsest -like drawings are later displayed along with the films as finished pieces of art.

  • Puntledge River

    The Puntledge River is a small river on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It joins the Tsolum River to form the Courtenay River, which enters the Strait of Georgia at the city of Courtenay.

  • Raymond Kethledge

    Raymond Kethledge

    Raymond Michael Kethledge (born December 11, 1966) is a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. He was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2008. Kethledge appeared on Donald Trump's list of potential Supreme Court of the United States nominees in 2016, and was described by press reports as a finalist in President Trump's nomination to replace Anthony Kennedy on the court.

  • Felicia Kentridge

    Felicia Kentridge (née Geffen; 7 August 1930 – 7 June 2015) was a South African lawyer and anti-apartheid activist who co-founded the South African Legal Resources Centre (LRC) in 1979. The LRC represented black South Africans against the apartheid state and overturned numerous discriminatory laws; Kentridge was involved in some of the Centre's landmark legal cases. Kentridge and her husband, the prominent lawyer Sydney Kentridge, remained involved with the LRC after the end of apartheid, though they moved permanently to England in the 1980s. In her later years, Kentridge took up painting, and her son William Kentridge became a famous artist.

  • Jake Kettle

    Jake Kettle is an American broadcaster, podcaster, entertainer, and political activist from Ewing, New Jersey. Kettle is a stage name that he has used for the past several years.

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