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- Verb

The limit of vision at sea, being a distance of about twenty miles.

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  • Tony Kenning

    Tony Kenning

    Def Leppard are an English rock band formed in 1977 in Sheffield as part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. Since 1992, the band has consisted of Joe Elliott (lead vocals), Rick Savage (bass, backing vocals), Rick Allen (drums, backing vocals), Phil Collen (guitars, backing vocals), and Vivian Campbell (guitars, backing vocals), which has been the band's most stable line-up.

  • Mike Kenning

    Michael John Kenning (born 18 August 1940 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England), is an English footballer who played as a winger in the Football League.

  • Ethan Kenning

    Charles Ethan Kenning (born August 19, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American singer, songwriter and musician who performed as George Edwards when he led 1960s acid rock band, H. P. Lovecraft. He was adopted as a child and brought up under the name George Edwards. He reverted to his birth name of Ethan Kenning in his mid-30s.

  • Kenning (unit)

    A kenning is an obsolete unit of dry measure in the imperial system, equal to two pecks or half a bushel. It is sometimes also called a pail .

  • Alfred Franklin Kenning

    Alfred Franklin Kenning (June 3, 1885 – October 22, 1938) was a lumberman and political figure in Ontario. He represented Cochrane South in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1926 to 1934 as a Conservative member.

  • George Kenning

    George Kenning (September 23, 1913 – November 3, 1988) was an American manager and consultant. He began his career at General Motors' (GM) plant in Janesville, Wisconsin. In 1950, Kenning moved to Antwerp where he was part of a team of managers overseeing the reconstruction of GM's plant there. In 1955 he was invited to Norway for a six-month assignment, but continued to work as business consultant in Norway for the next 30 years. His work was particularly influential in Aker thus giving rise to the so-called "Aker school of leadership" in Norway. Kenning received the Knight, First Class Order of St. Olav for his work in Norway.

  • Kenning (disambiguation)

    Kenning is a circumlocution used instead of an ordinary noun in Old Norse and later Icelandic poetry.

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