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- Noun

Anything kept, or given to be kept, for the sake of the giver; a token of friendship.

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  • Keepsake

    Keepsake may refer to:

  • Keepsake (band)

    Keepsake was an American emo /screamo band formed in 1997 by Paul Geller and Shane Halpern in Coral Springs, Florida. After releasing threealbums and EP on the independent label, Eulogy Recordings and Fearless Records, Geller left the band for personal reasons. He also produced three records for Sony Red distributed Undecided Records' artists Shindig, Hearts Over Rome, and Cru Jones. Geller moved into digital music and worked as EVP of Information Products at Grooveshark.

  • The Keepsake

    The Keepsake was an English literary annual which ran from 1828 to 1857, published each Christmas (beginning with Christmas 1827) for perusal during the year of the title. Like other literary annuals, The Keepsake was an anthology of short fiction, poetry, essays, and engraved illustrations. It was a gift book designed to appeal to young women, and was distinctive for its binding of scarlet dress silk and the quality of its illustrations. Although the literature in The Keepsake and other annuals is often regarded as second-rate, many of the contributors to The Keepsake are canonical authors of the Romantic period.

  • Keepsake Press

    The Keepsake Press was a private press founded by English writer Roy Lewis. The press published more than 100 books and chapbooks using letterpress techniques. It ceased to operate in 1996 when Lewis died. Its archive is now housed at Reading University.

  • The Keepsake Stories

    The Keepsake Stories is the title given to three short stories by Sir Walter Scott which appeared in The Keepsake For 1829 , a literary annual published for Christmas 1828. The short stories were entitled "My Aunt Margaret's Mirror", "The Tapestried Chamber" (or, "The Lady in the Sacque"), and "Death of the Laird's Jock".

  • Keepsake Copy (horse)

    Keepsake Copy is a racing horse owned by James A. Duncan. She was sired by Souvenir Copy with Cast Of Characters as the dam.

  • Kubala's Keepsake (horse)

    Kubala's Keepsake is a racing horse.

  • Keepsake (Heavy Heart album)

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